Turns out there is a proposal (attached) mostly baked that would build a new casino right across from Talin Market on the corner Central and Louisiana. It would be a 40 year lease to build a new structure for alcohol and gambling and has already been approved by the state fair commission.  There has been zero opportunity for public input, we just found out about it yesterday, so wanted to see if what folks really think.  Supporters say its needed money for the fair.  Opposition feels its the wrong direction for the International District.  What do you think?  More info is available on Ch. 13 website.



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Thanks again for the great discussion on this! The next round just was announced.

Fair Commission/Downs Meeting Wed 29th, 10AM: I know it’s the holidays, 2 days before the administration changes, but if anyone can go to this, we know it made all the difference to have the community there last time.
Fair commission cancelled!   Many thanks for the community involvement on this! This cancellation signifies a recognition of your efforts.  With continued work together we can fight for a better process on this.

Thanks, Senator Keller, for keeping us all posted on this critical issue.  I agree that this is a big victory for more open government and discourse.  Hopefully, the next governor and State Fair Commission will heed the community's wishes and not allow more gaming on the State Fair grounds.  We can think of much better uses for this prime real estate in the core of our city.  Thanks again for all your efforts.



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