New completely vegan Thai restaurant in Albuquerque, appropriately named "Thai Vegan"

Albuquerque just made third place on Peta's list of vegan-friendly cities. Right up there with the likes of Portland and Seattle. If that's not a mind-blower in and of itself, a third all-vegetarian restaurant just opened here and it's completely vegan and Thai! Just in case you're wondering what the name is, it's "Thai Vegan". It's located on Osuna Road (not the part that becomes San Mateo, but the road off of San Mateo) just around the corner from San Mateo. Or more precisely:

Thai Vegan
5505 Osuna Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM (duh) 87108
(505) 884-4610

As someone who's both very excited about veganism and restaurants, I had to go the moment I found out about them. Today was their opening day and I was their third customer. When I came in, I was greeted by their excited and cheerful staff, and handed a large menu. The menu must have more than 50 items and all of them are VEGAN.
I ordered the "chicken" fresh rolls and the larb (a Thai salad) with "chicken". The fresh rolls were crispy and crunchy and out of this world. They had thinly cut strips of the faux chicken just under the wrapper. The faux chicken is very impressive. Any more like chicken and I would be convinced it was real.
The larb came out and it was this delightful medley of lime juice, ginger, onion, mint and other herby goodness. Just like the spring rolls, all the vegetables were fresh, crisp, and bright. The chunks of "chicken" in the salad were a delightfully flavored by the flavorful juice of lime and herbs. The meal ended up being very filling. I did not even look at dessert.
This restaurant is moderately priced and has a casual, laid back atmosphere. I would recommend coming when you have time for a good meal, but don't need to rush back for a meeting. The food at this restaurant is not just good vegan food, but also good Thai food. If you like Thai food, you will enjoy this restaurant as well (and you don't have to order the faux meats unless you want them -- they also serve tofu.)

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Thanks for the head's up on this Shaun; we'll give them a try this week.
Same owners as Lotus?

It seems like a new set of owners and the food's excellent. I never ate at Lotus, though.
We tried this place for dinner tonight. It is AWESOME. The food was great and the service was great.


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