Torinos'@ Home
Italian restaurant and coffee shop
at the Journal center, just open 4months ago.

This is A real, North italian restaurant, so if you like spaghetti meat balls, your chicken alfredo fix or lasagna, welll will not make you happy here.

This is place is owned and operated by me: Daniela the front of the house ,I am from Torino
Turin, Italy and my husband, the chef, Maxime born in France, Nice...

why is called Torinos'@Home?

when we started the business almost four years ago we were delivering food to friends and customers houses, so we were bringing a little bit ot Torino to your home.

If you came to try the food, the ambience and the meals will be like to be in Italy and for cheaper.
Beautiful patio, fantastic upscale china, very fresh, some of the products organics and very affordable.

I will be always around and be sure that the service will be perfect
and my husband Maxime will be very attentif in the kitchen and be careful on each meal that will end on your table.

and because we have family life we are also CLOSED on WEEKENDS

We serve our fantastic organic coffee for a $1 a to go 12oz cup
and of course espresso, capuccinos and iced lattes and more
we bake almond, chocolate and plain croissants.
We have home made biscotti, cookies, brownies
H&H bagels from NY.
A fantastic breakfast selection very affordable


BREAKFASTour goat cheese omelette that is to die for.
Our omelettes are served with sauteed potatoes (fresh, not frozen), garlic, onion, italian bacon and a choice of our home made focaccia toast or H&H bagel for only..........$6.25 with a cup of coffee with refill the total will be $ must try
see breakfast menu

lunch menu
well we do all our fresh pasta from scratch, that's why we are not open for dinner.
We are always at the restaurant very early and maxime is cooking already.
You can buy fresh pasta and our sauces by the pint and having a good dinner at home....

well that's it, why you dont come and try it!???
There is sooo much to tell

we are open from Monday- Friday
6:30 am until 11am BREAKFAST
11am 2:30 pm LUNCH

here few p


7600 jefferson street, Journal center

perfect for the Ballon Fiesta week, an excellant experience and a nice view

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Hooray! Thanks for the announcement. I didn't know you existed. I'm from the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. I miss REAL Italian meals here. I'll be seeing you soon. Ciao!
Thank you for your excitement
We are looking forward to meet you, be sure you ask for Daniela and tell me that you discover us because of Duke city
Torino's is Italian cuisine, as in from Italy, and not the bastard son thereof. So, as Daniela has noted, if you seek the later go somewhe else for your own sake and if you seek a culinary revelation then do visit will not regret it.
thank you Steve could not say it in a better way, I appreciate your toughts.
It did happen that I've got some customers because I did nohave the meat balls....
but that is from South of Italy.........and they did not understand at all.....

It is important to be adventurous!!!!!
take a new street, order a new meal, dress in a differant way , whatever!
Let's see what happen..... right?
While I've heard delightful things about your restaurant, I work nowhere close to your location and you're closed on weekends. Hence, I'll never be able to be a customer. Too bad.
Sorry to hear that.
One day we might meet.
You never know.
Next week, for instance, Columbus day we will be open!!
Ah ah, me might see you than. LOL
You're open on Columbus Day? Well, you WILL see me! That's good news--I have heard so many good things about your food, so I will make a trip out to eat lunch on Monday.
ther you go, I knew it that I could make you happy somehow!
See you Monday! ;)

Hello did you know that now Torinos is serving dinner?

On Fridays and Satursday

from 5:30 - 9 pm

reservation suggested

come to try us!

Daniela, Thank you for the croissants and coffee supplied across the arroyo this morning.
Hello mom of two (congrats by the way)
I hope alot of people enjoyed, and I hope I will met them soon for good cup of coffee, or a piadina breakfast or a croissant!
You will. I set a date to take my father there when mom is out of town at the end of the month. :)


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