This is so hilarious. It always blows me away that there are such (ignorant) people out there. This was in Washington Post:

Locksley's Magic Works for Lobos

It didn't take long for New Mexico Coach Mike Locksley to start working his local recruiting magic for the Lobos.

Coolidge quarterback Emmanuel Yeager and wide receiver Derrell Person - both previously committed to other schools - have committed to play for New Mexico. Yesterday, DeMatha wide receiver Emmanuel McPhearson pledged to play for the Lobos; his older brother, Derrick, played for Locksley at Illinois.

While Coolidge Coach Jason Lane went to Ballou with Locksley and has maintained a relationship with him ever since, Lane said he was surprised by the choices of his players. Yeager previously had committed to Louisville, while Person had committed to Syracuse, although the Orange recently hired a new coach.

Yeager recently took an official visit to Albuquerque, but Person made his choice sight unseen and plans to make an official visit later this month, Lane said.

"It was a surprise to me when I spoke to Yeager and he told me he was speaking to Locksley," Lane said. "Locksley came in and he spoke with the guys. I don't know what he said to make them make that decision. But it's the decision they made and it was solely on their own and one they have to live with. [New] Mexico is not like the States. It's a different scneario in New Mexico. But it's the decision they decided to make and I'm going to help them in any way to get there and be successful.

"I'm sure [Locksley] will get some more area kids down there because he's been successful with this area wherever he has been."

Elsewhere, Gonzaga Coach Joe Reyda said that offensive lineman Mark Rehbein, who is 6-7 and 300 pounds, has committed to play for Elon.

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equally surprising was the knowledge of an italian guy on a train ride from siena to rome. told him we were visiting from new mexico and he starts describing the surrounding states and geography with remarkable accuracy.
My wife and I were in Rome in November. We arrived the day before the election and our cab driver from the airport when he found out we were from the U.S. and New Mexico in particular commented "New Mexico that is usually viewed as a Presidential Election swing state, but I think it looks like it will fairly easily go for Obama this year". So as verified by Jeff a random sample of two Italians shows they at least know about New Mexico.
I agree with the statements about Europeans knowing US geography pretty well. However, they all seem to think we have 51 or 52 states. I have actually argued with some on this point, its 50! Anyways, that is pretty small compared to somebody in the US not knowing NM is a State.
...more than people from Kansas and Massachusetts, anyway!
I love that Europeans get confused. I mean, we do have Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands. So... It "could" get confusing. I think it would hard to go to 51. 50 is such a nice number. :) My husband had a friend from Canada who didn't know that New Mexico was in the US, and a woman in our old apartment who wasn't born in the US thought we were moving to Mexico when we came here.
Oh, and I "could" do it, but naming 50 states would not come off the tip of my tongue, I can do about 40 of the capitals, but once I hear them, I know them. I can't do all the presidents, but if you named them, I could say yes or no...

I would be frightened to see a report on how many states average Americans know.
When I went to Boston University, another student told me that I speak really good English.
Unfortunately, there is evidence that many American are geographically ignorant. The study here surveyed 18-24 year olds, but I don't know if age would improve the results much.
Many I've heared people ask how it is in "that country" because they were concidering visiting. Guess they didn't learn that 50 nifty state song in grade school.
Is that the Animaniacs song?

Hilarious! But everyone knows that South Dakota's capitol is pronounced peer, not pee-air.
People often confuse North and South Dakota. Or they think they are one state, Dakota.


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