I was approved for an unemployment claim on the date of September 9th.  I know you usually have a waiting period of a week or two before you get paid.  To my dismay I received a bill saying I owed over $5,000 dollars.  I was in shock and almost went into tears.  I then called the office and was told by several people that it was a mistake and the IT Dept had to fix it.  They claim a few years back they entered a federal  claim I had in the wrong tier.   

To add salt to the wounds they then sent me a letter making a false statement about the union I belonged to.  They said "As per your union, you are not a current member or not on the out of work list".  I was furious and then called my union.  My union never made such a statement and they log every time they fax letter regarding members to the NM Dept of Workforce Solutions.  I then faxed them a copy of my union card and asked them who told them such information.   I never got a response form their office.  My union then wrote them a letter stating they never said such a thing and I was a current member in good standing.  A few weeks later my claim was then adjusted to reflect I am a union member.

It is now December and I have yet to receive one dollar from this claim.   I called and talked to several people and they claim they are working on the problem.  I verified several times that I did not owe this money and they even stated it was their error.  Three months later I have bills adding up and in danger of losing the place where I live.   I faxed the Office of the Secretary with no results.  Who can I go to for help.  Also is there anyone else having similar problems with them?  I noticed how the director brags about how she is saving the state hundreds of dollars by auditing but what is she going to do to fix these IT problems for people falsely accused of owning money.

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you might want to try calling the governor's office to report this

They finally paid me today for the past 3 months.  I highly suggest to anyone who is having similar problems contact their State Rep.  The governor's office partly responsible for all of this.  She hired a new director who thinks she has the right to hoard claimants money by saying "Unemployment is not an entitlement". Well when claimants and their employers pay into an insurance system they are entitled to benefits.  Don't bother with the Secretary of State either....they are all in on it.  Time to vote them out!!!

I have also had nearly the same experience with the NM Dept of Workforce Solutions. In my case I was on unemployment for a year (still without getting a full time job). A month after my unemployment benefits expired I received a letter from Workforce Solutions claiming that I had been overpaid by them and that I owed the state $5,800. The letter did not explain why the state had come to the conclusion that I owed the money. No justification was given. It simply said I must make payments of over $900 per month until the sum is paid off. When I tried to contact Workforce Solutions I could not connect with anyone by phone, mail or e-mail. Workforce Solutions also prohibits people from entering their building and getting a face to face discussion with any one. Frankly this is downright Orwellian. The demand letters continue  to arrive. I have found it necessary to retain a lawyer who deals with unemployment problems. Thus I am losing money already because of this outlandish fiasco. By the way, my lawyer has sent a formal communication to Workforce Solutions on behalf of me, his client, and he has not received any response from Workforce Solutions either.

I have heard that this "roundup" by Workforce Solutions has happened in the past and apparently no one over there is interested in getting the problem solved. I am very seriously thinking of taking this problem to the State Legislature. Fortunately I know a number of people in both the House and Senate. I would hope to light a fire under them to force a formal review of how Workforce Solutions is operating and hopefully create a demand to stop this outrageous behavior. 

Anyone who is interested in trying to push back on the way Workforce Solutions is working is invited to contact me. I believe my information can be found through Duke City Fix.


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