I'm about to have to buy a bunch of office furniture (for an office office, not for home). I'd love to spend the money with a local business. TEMA and American Home don't seem to have what we need (for one thing, lots of filing cabinets). Where might we look instead? 

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I like Beck Office Furnishings, locally owned by a husband and wife. Also, there's a place on Candelaria called ReSource that RESELLS office furniture, so there might be bargains to be had there, seems locally owned for sure.

Thank you!!

Surplus City usually has an imperial sload of filing cabinets.

Supposedly the Air Force is storing old office furniture in the bunkers out at the old Manzano Base now. Maybe they'd share? 

On a somewhat more serious note, the City's Public Surplus Auction page is hit-or-miss and obviously has no guarantees re: quality or stylistic consistency, but you can't beat the price. Looks like there's a lot of office furniture and filing cabinets up at the moment. 


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