Hi all,

I was curious if people can tell me some of their favorite restaurants that care about serving local and/or organic food. I am talking more than just local green chile---but local and organic everything. The only one I can think of off hand is the Grove. It is an awesome place, but are there others?

Thanks, I look forward to hearing the replies.


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farina uses veggies from at least one local farm (chispas in the south valley) and I wouldn't be surprised if they sourced ingredients from other local producers as well. jennifer james 101 also tries to source as much locally as possible, if you're up for a pricier meal.


lately, the alibi food writer has been reviewing places that try to source food locally, so you might check out the online archives. (I think his name is ari levaux, though I'm probably misspelling that.)  he takes the time to detail which ingredients are local. obviously the season means there's a lot less available locally, but it's great that we have restaurants that support local farms.

At this time of year there's not as much local produce to use as during the summer, but quite a few places - Lucia at Hotel Andaluz, Lush cafe downtown, Robin's Kitchen in the Harwood - say they use local stuff when available. I believe the beef at BRGR is NM-raised as well.

YES! Robin's Kitchen!

It's a cozy little place, isn't it? I work on the other side of town so only rarely get a chance to visit...but hopefully folks are realizing she's there and allowing her to make a success of it.

Bliss sandwiches, claims to try and source as much as they can from local.

is that the place off cutler & san mateo in that sort of outdoor mall? do you have an opinion of them?


Bliss is a wonderful place. Nice people, good food, eclectic menu. Menu might seem a bit pricey, but these days, they all do.

Wow, great looking menu. Bliss Sandwiches

I believe that much of Flying Star's food is organic and local. They are even trying to grow their own food.

Oh - that reminds me that Golden Crown Panaderia have an indoor greenhouse where they grow the herbs and greens for their salads, sandwiches, and pizzas. Pretty cool!

Jennifer James 101 uses lots of local stuff.  Check out the "where it comes from" section on their website.  Great food, too.

Reviving this thread to tout this place:

Farm & Table Restaurant

 It's in the north valley on 4th, just north of Paseo. The brunch (at least) is wonderful, and a chalkboard with the extensive list of locally-sourced ingredients greets you when you walk in. There's an active farm behind the restaurant...really worth a try if you love local ingredients and the idea of a local foodshed.



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