My kids (7 and 5, girl and boy) and I would like to visit some kid-friendly public parks during Spring Break next week...

We live on the northwest side of Albuquerque and have visited most of the parks over here,  so we would like to explore some of the other parks in town, if its on the city bus route even better!


So if you have a cool park or playground in your neck of the woods, could you please post the name of it and/or the address?


Thanks so much!

p.s. I have checked out the city's Park&Rec site, but was wondering if there are any unlisted parks that would be fun to visit.


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Jery Kline park at Constitution and Louisana has a great kid friendly park.  It is a long block east of the intersection.  (The other end of teh park fro mthe tennis courts)  They also have a .6 mile walking track and as a bonus, you can use the bike path to walk over to I40 and wave at the semi's to get them to honk at you.


Cheers, Mi3ke

  I missed the bus request.  You can get to Jerry Kline on the Rapid ride red line and get off at lomas and walk thru the neighborhood to the park.


Cheers, Mi3ke

Arroyo Del Oso soccer fields has a nice play ground and LOTS of room to run.  Bring kites- it's great for that, balls, frisbees, etc.
tiguex in old town, right by abq museum, nat hist museum & explora,
One of my favorite parks is Montgomery Park - San Mateo & Comanche - lots of space to run around, a play area, picnic spots and right next to a city library.  Also, Academy Hills Park has a great play area and lots of space to run around.  Heck, I'd take them on the RailRunner up to Santa Fe - kids love trains and the Plaza is a great spot to hang out.
Kit Carson Park!  It's really just a huge field of grass, but there is a playground type thing.  And it's just across the street from Tingley.  The geese and ducks should be having babies about now which makes the irrigation ditch that much more adorable with mama's and papa's teaching the babies how to swim.
Yes, and if you cross over to Tingley and go past the fishing ponds and onto the dirt trails you will run into some ponds along the river that have walking paths also.  These are nestled under the trees and have fewer people.  I love this area and walk her often.
yup!  The whole area is just full of win for kids and families with the Biopark, Aquarium, Zoo---all that just right there!  best part?  right near a rapid ride station.

There's also Summit Park, on Constitution between Girard and Carlisle.  It's got swings, a basketball court, and some jungle-gym type stuff.  There are kids there all the time, as well as teens, twenty-somethings, and parents.


Bus accessibility is pretty limited - the #12 Constitution Commuter won't work for you, and the #11 Lomas is a bit of a hike - but there's on-street parking on the periphery of the park, and Constitution is a bike route (though considering how young your kids are, that probably won't work).

and there's no restroom nearby. total pita with young kids.
Oh, they can just go behind a tree.


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