Im not from the ABQ so maybe I just don't get it. There are numerous barking dogs in our neighborhood. This is unique to my ABQ experience. Perhaps I was just lucky in my prior existence. Whatever reasons exist I still find it repugnant and rude. It basically means the "pet" is lonely and left out day and night. It also means the "pet" owner IMHO is a pig. I am speaking to a chronic situation here not the once in a great while situation. My feelings today are bein fueled buy the situation in the home behind ours. There is an old blind deaf dog in the feces filled back yard. this poor old dog has been there for maybe 3+ yrs. It is never inside even on the coldest of nights. It doesn't bark it just exists. I noticed it last week stumbling around trying to find something to eat. WTF is with people. I have started throwing it dog food in a napkin. I have included pics of said dog. from the pic it kinda looks fat. Its not. My inclusion of ABQ in this rant is that my wife volunteers at a local animal shelter. The general feeling is ABQ doesn't treat its pets well. This mirrors my limited experience. Once again WTF. If one judges people by the way they treat their animals ABQ gets a BIG F.


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Joe.  You need to call Animal Control and report those people.  If you really do care about the dog, that is.


obviously Joe cares about the dog...much more so than its "owners".  After living here for almost 7 years and dealing with a similar situation, I sadly must agree with Joe re: ABQ.  Why oh WHY own a dog if its just going to be left outside all day and night?!?

and Joe?  do not approach the dog's "owners"-  speaking from experience, it will NOT go well. They just can't see what they are doing is inhumane.

There are laws regarding the kind of shelter an owner must provide for a dog who lives exclusively outside and that's a good place to start with animal control, because it's a clear violation. Call 311 and they can point you in the right direction to get this dog some help. They're available until 9 tonight and after 6 am tomorrow. It's gonna be 16 degrees tonight, poor dog. 

Hettie, if you are referring to HEART, that is a City ordinance.  Don't know if "Joe" is in the City or County.


Good point, Hunter. I don't believe the county has any requirements beyond keeping your pets contained. They do have an online form for reporting an animal, though, and it might be worth reporting a neglected animal there, if Joe's under county jurisdiction rather than city.

Today I called the city. I threw some more food over the fence. I cant see evidence of water. It is possible there is. I decided to scale the fence and make sure it had water. Before doing the I decided to knock on the door so as not to get shot...... Someone answered. Damn. I asked them to feed and water the dog. I was informed the dog belonged to a roommate and it was on a special diet. Um yea dog crap. Anyway it did not go well. Surprise. Really makes me frustrated. Wasn't looking for an encounter.

yeah,  like I said, there is no such thing as a bad dog, just bad dog "owners"...

thank you for caring though!


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