It's hardly the usual crowd -- the Occupy Burque demonstration going on right now is full of 20somethings and hipster UNM students seemingly lamenting a lack of economic opportunity and the growing inequality in our country.


The signs they held marching along Central read:


"I am not your serf."

"Money for people's needs, not war."

"Banks too big to fail. People the right size?"

"My tax dollars paid for those tasers."


Here are a few photos I snapped this afternoon. Video by cosmomow below...


Visit the Occupy Burque Flickr group.


Occupy Burque
Occupy Burque Occupy Burque
Occupy Burque
2011-10-01_14-41-10_37 Occupy Burque

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Now that rug really tied the room together.


my text got chopped...


Good prerequisite:  Inside Job


There is plenty of guilt to spread around from the home-buyer who bought well beyond his/her means (and was allowed to keep the home) to those working in the current administration.

Sorry Mike, that wasn't intended to serve as an example of thoughtfullness was it?
And was your above diatribe about consumers/ producers supposed to be original? Heard the same rant on Hannity last year. I assume that in this land of opportunity--you being a producer and all--you've made it big and can afford to live anywhere you'd like, far, far from the peons. So, why on earth do you care if they gather together? Do you really think they're going to topple Wall Street?
Aww poor's ok, some day you can have that Subaru you want if you sell enough patchuli oil and tie dye. I bet you own at least 2 Apple devices of some sort (wanna talk evil corporations) made in a Chinese sweat shop. You probably vote for millionaires because they sound Marxist (Obama) even though they haven't ever had a real job. I bet you believe Al Gore even though his carbon footprint is bigger than Albuquerque and his dad was a tobacco farmer, member of the KKK. We can lob insults and trade sterotypes all day...I'd rather hear you dispute the facts.

I care because they want me to pay their way. They involved it's personal. Food from my kids mouths to theirs...
Edited: Deleted b/c it's just getting petty.
I am guilty of combativeness in this particular case, but the proliferation of members who seemingly are only on DCF to jump in and throw insults and invective whenever anything remotely political comes up is getting pretty tiresome...
Pretty hard to find a place these days where you can just spew leftist verbal diarrhea without being challenged. By the way, most of the insults start from the left. Unless you consider yourself a Marxist or a hippy...I never said anything insulting about you, even then...insulting is a stretch. If I'm not mistaken, you've essentially denied being either by disavowing the previously mentioned "demands" of the occupy movement.

I think at this point this thread has "these people should just shut up and get a job" responses from pretty much a complete roll call of DCF's resident Tea Party sympathizers. It's fascinating, like a funhouse-mirror reflection of one of the many pro-TP discussions on the site from this summer or last year.


Where does all the "get a job!" rhetoric go when the teabaggers spend tax day lining Montgomery? I guess one person's muddled, misguided ideological hodgepodge motivated by fear is another person's bold social revolution, right? Hilarious...some of you folks are taking "I was for it until I was against it" to a new level.

Sorry Phil, fighting to be left alone...for freedom from tyrany...far different than fighting for handouts and free rides...nice try though. These people belong in Greece fighting to stay on the gravy train.
How are you fighting?


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