I am moving from santa fe to albuquerque in the next few months (jan/feb) and I am having a hard time deciding where I want to live. I do drive and have a car however I really would like to have the opportunity to walk to some places or take public transit from time to time.. I'd rather not be in the situation I am in now, which is there are currently no buses where I am now and nothing in walking distance so if one does not drive, you are basically stranded (unless you can afford constant ubers and cabs ;)

I have a friend who lives right near UNM...while i know some of the places near her are very inexpensive, it seems there are alot of homeless people and run down apartments nearby. I llike some areas of EDO, even think some areas of downtown are quaint however I am worried about the crime. I am considering nob hill though I dont know if I can afford it..I also like part of the north valley and NE heights, uptown..I am afraid if I am in NE heights I will be too far from stuff, though I am mid 40's and don't need to party with college kids and I LOVE the beauty of the mountains. I love the peace and tranquility of some of the more distant neighborhoods and LOVE the greenery of the north valley and the fact that its by the river...but don't want to be stuck not being to get anywhere if I don't drive. I hear Southeast heights is convenient but I know nothing about that area.  I will mostly be looking for a small detached casita or cottage. A friend of mine who lives there says I would like an area just east of nob hill called highland heights?? I love quaint victorian style homes and streets where one (esp a single gal) can take a nice stroll (without being in danger) but victorian is not a must.  

Any suggestions will help. Thank you immensely!!!!

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If you are planning to buy, I would suggest renting first to get a feel for it.  Albuquerque is checkerboard with "good" and "bad" neighborhoods.  I love the north valley.  If you like to go for walks, you can walk for many miles on the ditch trails that lace through the area, by a winery, the river, under huge cottonwood trees. There are regular buses on 4th St.  What you're describing sounds more like Nob Hill, but I don't think there's less crime there than in the EDO/downtown area.  I could be wrong.  South of UNM, around Bandelier School is nice, too.


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