Does anyone use another place other than the dealer to have work done on their Gen 2 car?  The wife and I need to come up with alternatives to dealer prices.


 Cheers, Mi3ke

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I'd love to hear any answers on this. Dealer prices for regular service intervals are through the roof. For my most recent service, I checked what the manual requires. I changed the cabin air filter and engine air filter myself and had a local shop do a standard oil change. When my mileage gets up there and it starts to have more involved maintenance requirements, I'll be looking for a shop to handle it.

My wife is looking to buy a 2006 Prius.  Would that be a wise move given your experience?

I've been very happy with mine. It's comfortable and pretty flexible as far as hauling things around. I like the semi-hatchback arrangement. They have great reliability ratings. I haven't had any troubles. We've taken it on some long road trips and it performed like a champ. No complaints. - it's a huge upgrade from the PT Cruiser I had before.

We are so happy with ours, we have two now.  Lots of room, we can fit our two BIG dogs in it.  Free parking at all city meters. Drives well and I get over 43mpg every time.


Cheers, Mi3ke

Thanks, Edith and Mi3ke,  good to know you'd recommend the Prius. 

I have a 2007 Prius and it's been the best car I've ever owned.  What a great all around vehicle, with lots of storage space, great gas mileage, and low noise.  I will definitely buy another when I'm finished with this one.  I've had no problems and I have almost 70,000 miles on mine.
We just bought our 3rd one--- a 2010.  Right now, I am getting 62.2 mpg on this tank...better without that ethanol stuff.  We have had no battery problems with any of them.  It is a very practical car...we love the fold-down layout in the back.  I get 43-46 on the road when I roll 70, too.  Janet

Woow, all the Prii i see in this town and only two of us on DCF.  And the other person is looking for the same answer I am.  What gives?


  Cheers, Mi3ke

Have you checked with Jim's Automotive on Zuni? I don't know what their prices are like, but they seem to have a good reputation and I know they work on Prii.

Ha!  I never considered what the plural of Prius would be.

  We have a winner!  Will contact jim's.  thanks.


Cheers, Mi3ke

What work do you need done?  I guess it depends what needs to be done, but as far as I know some work needs to be done by a certified prius mechanic.  I had only one problem with mine (defective battery when I first bought it) and the folks down at Toyota couldn't seem to get that fixed because they only had on guy certified on their whole staff (This was Karl Malone-I have since started going to American with little problems).


I get all of my check ups, oil changes, etc at either Jiffy Lube or my mechanic.  So I think it depends what needs to be done.  but, then again, i know nothing about cars :)


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