Does anyone use another place other than the dealer to have work done on their Gen 2 car?  The wife and I need to come up with alternatives to dealer prices.


 Cheers, Mi3ke

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What does it mean to be a certified Prius mechanic?  I am getting ready to buy a used Prius, and I really don't want to be dealing with the ABQ Toyota dealers.  The office manager for my current mechanic's said that he is able to serve all aspects of the Prius.  Do I need to ask specifically if he is certified as a Prius mechanic?




I've had my Prius for 4 years now with little problems.  Within a month of my purchase, my battery died.  When I brought it to Toyota, they told me that it was a special hybrid part and they needed their certified Prius guy to look at it.  I was very frustrated and regretted buying the vehicle.  I travel for work, and when my battery died I was in Chama.  NO ONE could work on my car up there.  They were fascinated that you pushed a button and the car started.  I spent 2 hours on the phone with the salesman who sold me the car who calmed me down and explained how to find and charge the batttery.


Since then I've had very few problems.  My mechanic said he could service most of my car.  I think when it comes to the computer and battery you'd have to bring it in...but there may be independent mechanics that can do it all...if so, let me know!

What about the Toy-Auto Man in Santa Fe?


This is probably a hijack of the thread, but I have been wondering how long Prius batteries last. I tend to drive my car into the ground: my Volvo had 315,000 miles on it when I finally sold it to one of my students for a first car. I have heard that the lithium batteries have a limited life, and start deteriorating the moment they are manufactured. As such, it would be immaterial how many miles were on the car as the battery is operating on time, not on distance. The replacement batteries, rumor has it, run $10,000.


Before I bought a Prius, used or otherwise, I'd want responses to those rumors.


Are Crusty and Guerra talking about the same kind of battery?  I suspect Crusty means the normal 12-volt battery, since the salesman was able to explain to him how to find and change it himself.  (It's under the floor of the back compartment, just inside the hatchback door.)  Replacing the hybrid battery is a big deal, and it fails very seldom.  I think it's warranted for 10 years or 100,000 miles.


We like ours very much.  Besides the room and the gas mileage, my favorite thing is never having to get out the key-thingy.  If it's in your pocket or purse, you just put your hand on the door handle and it unlocks.  And you just push a button to start it.

Yes, I was talking about the hybrid battery and it's very easy to find and charge after all.  Hadn't needed to do it since.


Love not using the key.  I have been in many newer car models and have noticed many are switching over to that technology.  It's great.  When I rent rental cars and have to use the key I get frustrated!

Crusty, that's good to know about the hybrid battery.  Looked it up in the Owners Manual and it's waranteed for 96 months (8 years) or 1000,000 miles.  I like all the feedback and displays too -- mileage, audio, climate control.  And the backup camera, so you can park close enough the first time.

  BTW, a helpful source for all your Prii questions is

And on a side note:  City council has on their agenda to get rid of the sunset provisioin on hybrid car free parking in the city.  You can park for free at city meters till the end of June.


Cheers, Mi3ke

What???  I was just thinking I needed to go get my sticker this year since I haven't yet.  I've enjoyed free parking here for 3 years.  NO!  It's so useful!  grrrrrr....

It originally had the sunset provision in it, but the Council can vote to make it permanent. 

Rey Garduno, District 6 Councilor, says he'll vote for it.  He's running again this year, and using public financing again.  (Districts 2,4,6,and 8 are up; the election is October 4.)  Be on the lookout for people collectiing nominating petition signatures or $5 qualifying contributions during May.


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