I was invited to interview with Project ECHO at UNM and they completely dropped the ball on the interview. No one was there at the appointed time. If they didn't want to talk to me, why did they say they did? There was no followup either.

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What is Project ECHO?
What is Project ECHO?
We repeat - what is Project ECHO??
http://echo.unm.edu/ It's a health education outreach project, mostly focusing on expanding services and support for people living with Hepatitis C.
This is Sanjeev's project? Seems he'd be interested in learning about this shoddy service ethic.
Yes, Sanjeev. He is creative and dedicated. The project is impressive. I am baffled by these never-filled "open" positions, though. I work at UNM, so I know about the bureaucracy, the slow-moving HR dept., the many delays in hiring. But something else is going on here.

Chris - That is horrible. I would say call a supervisor but that may not make a difference. My wife placed a call to a city government employee inquiring about a program they offer. She left a message and 1 week later had still not received a phone call back. She finally went down to the offices and spoke to someone to get the info and then asked for the manager to let her know that she was never called back. Manager said 'Ok, thanks" and walked away. Horrible customer service by our government employees is become the norm unfortunately, and by general business for that matter.
Weird. I also interviewed by ECHO several times in the past. My qualifications, education and skills were exquisitely matched to what they were looking for. I have worked closely with several people on their board, who could vouch for my qualifications. I was never called back and the position has continued to be posted. A co-worker of mine, also someone who should be an excellent candidate, was also not called back. I'm curious about what's going on there. It is a very interesting project, but why do they claim to have open positions they apparently have no intention of filling??
Ah, so this is about a job thing. UNM is required to post jobs, even though they know who is going to fill the position, which is usually the case. So they keep posting the job for the required time, even though someone is essentially hired. Sorry 'bout that.

Still doesn't excuse them not showing for an appointment. That's completely rude.
But why would the job continued to be posted? It appears that no one was ever hired for either of these positions.
what kitson said. don't you mean "project echo is an embarrassment to unm"?
even better.


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