Hello fine people and aliens of ABQ,


I am visting your city for the first time on Aug 6 and will be staying a week. I am hoping to have a "mind-bending", "honey I'm home", "OMG" experience of some sorts and when I return to Boston on the 14th I will then give my family the news that I MUST move to ABQ. If this happens you can see me out there no later than September. My days here in New England are coming to an end and I can feel it on a spiritual level. This is good. I've been living back in Boston for the past 4 years and can't say it's me. Even though I went to high school south of the city, I never felt this New England thing was me. Hence, I've lived in LA (10years), Montana 2 years, CT, MO, FL and back to Mass. I find it to be a "dead end" here on many levels and CRAVE stars, mountains, "like-minded" people, and SPACE. A few UFO sightings would be nice as well. If there are any northeast transplants who are loving it out there, I would appreciate any encouragment/support or tips/insights!!!! I am 42 and divorced after 2 years of marriage and I have NO kids, nor do I want any. I have good friends and hope to make many more in ABQ. I have a spiritual connection with anything soaring through the sky with a large wingspan and love nature and the cosmos! Thanks, Bill


Oh yeah, I've worked in Boston for the past 4 years as a substance abuse counselor/case manager and would be open to doing similar work. I've also been clean and sober since 2006 and would want to get involved in the recovery community. Thanks again, Bill

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Watch some Breaking Bad before you come!!



Hi Bill, Best of luck with you visit and your potential move here. I just moved here about a year ago but I feel like I've been drawn to ABQ for many years. So I know how you feel. And it was worth the wait. I've lived in many places including Boston & LA. This city reminds me of how creatively wide open things were in the 1960s and 70s. Anything could happen - in a good way. Being near the university is great -plenty of apartments in the area with interesting local color, flavor, and tons of creativity. I'd suggest concentrating on finding a place around there. Whatever you want, you can find in ABQ.. You know how the employment guy chatted with you for a long time? That's usual here. There are some down sides, some things to get used to. But you'll do fine. I'm having a poem published in a local journal that starts:

I used to dream in                                                                                   black and white                                                                      

Now I dream in Albuquerque ...

That says it all for me.

See you round town. Dee

Thank you so much Dee. I did ten years in LA and on my journey back east I stopped in ABQ back in 2003. My ex-girlfriend and I stopped for a quick lunch in Old Town and I remember a feeling I had back then that makes more sense 8 years later. I remember a feeling of not wanting to leave, as though ABQ knows who she can seduce! Where's Stephen King when you need him?

I think Old Town is my favorite place!


One more thing about finding a job.  I applied for many, many jobs here for an entire year (from WA state) and got few calls.  They didn't like the fact that I was "planning" to relocate.   So I moved here, jobless, and within 6 weeks landed a great job!


Another cool thing about ABQ is, it seems wherever I go, I see people running into people that they know.  It's like a small town, but with lots more character.

Thank you. I've applied to a few online, but will hit the ground running when I get there. The nice thing is I was just laid off so I do have unemployment for a bit while I look and a chunk of savings. More will be revealed and looking forward to it.

My main recommendation for job hunting is that you continue to do what you are doing. Just keep talking to people. I would bring resumes/cards/etc. when you come just in case. Don't forget that government is one of the biggest employers. Try looking at Sandia National Labs site to see what's available as well as the University of New Mexico, etc.


As far as doing things, I would include a trip to the crest (I like driving up the back) and hiking along the bosque. Spend time in the wilder parts of ABQ. I would definitely get up above the city at night to see some of those stars. Best of luck!

Kathleen said,

Another cool thing about ABQ is, it seems wherever I go, I see people running into people that they know.  It's like a small town, but with lots more character.


That is so true. This is a serendipitous town. So bring your cards/resume. I met a potential employer just strolling through a street fair. Oh, and yes, there are many cool street fairs.  

Best of luck, Dee

Thanks Dee. I bid my final farewell to downtown Boston today and I pounded pavement in the high humidity. How I ended up at the Boston Aquarium beats me but I practiced my telepathy with the penguins! One guy from ABQ told me a may need to de-compressurize a bit when I first get out there. Street fairs are awesome, thank again.
Thanks for the pump up and I'll take those tips. Up the back of the crest and the bosque-will do.
Countdown to my flight to ABQ for a good long week of checking out your town. I am very excited about this and will try to have no expectations!

Hi, Bill! Best of luck as you make your plans to move! I am a transplant from a neighboring state, but still found NM to be a really great change of pace for me. My neighbor and I are moving out of our adorable 1BR apartments in Nob Hill--she got a promotion with the state and is moving to Santa Fe; I am taking the next step with the boyfriend and have just relocated to the North Valley (also a lovely part of town). It was just a coincidence, but maybe a lucky one for you.


If you want to go by, it's 515 Wellesley SE 87107. It's about 5 mins to UNM by bike, 7 minutes to Kelly's on Central on foot, and--with the Rapid Ride bus line--about 15-20 minutes to a gazillion other locations in town. If you haven't checked out Rapid Ride yet, go to cabq.gov/transit. Rapid Ride is a great resource. When you visit, you might try to stay not too far from one of the RR lines. It's a an inexpensive way to see much of the City, bit-by-bit. Not to mention, you'll have opportunities to chat with folks as you ride.


Oh, there's no washer/dryer on site. It's just a four unit little building (all 1 floor), but the two neighbors who are staying are incredibly kind, friendly folks. They've been there for over 10 years each. The rent is within your price range. It's about a block from Hyder Park and just around the park and up a side street from Ernie Pyle Library (cute as a button!). Then Central is in the opposite direction (that 7 minute walk to Kelly's). It's really hard to beat if you're looking for walkability and affordability in a pretty low-key community. Coming from Boston, I would guess that you maybe are accustomed to public transportation and walking.


Again, best of luck!




Thank you Tiffany. I wrote the address down on my To Do list. I'm extremely receptive and open to whatever opportunity crosses my path while in New Mexico. After all, it looks like I will be moving there. I am kind of wishing I booked a longer trip and thinking about changing my return flight for a few extra days but I'm sure it would be very costly. I will be in ABQ for a full seven days so I'm sure I can get a lot done in that time and get a good feel for my new home. If I do take the "plunge" I will come back here for one full month to tie up any loose ends and be out there by the end of Sept. Thanks again for the tip. Good stuff!


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