Hello fine people and aliens of ABQ,


I am visting your city for the first time on Aug 6 and will be staying a week. I am hoping to have a "mind-bending", "honey I'm home", "OMG" experience of some sorts and when I return to Boston on the 14th I will then give my family the news that I MUST move to ABQ. If this happens you can see me out there no later than September. My days here in New England are coming to an end and I can feel it on a spiritual level. This is good. I've been living back in Boston for the past 4 years and can't say it's me. Even though I went to high school south of the city, I never felt this New England thing was me. Hence, I've lived in LA (10years), Montana 2 years, CT, MO, FL and back to Mass. I find it to be a "dead end" here on many levels and CRAVE stars, mountains, "like-minded" people, and SPACE. A few UFO sightings would be nice as well. If there are any northeast transplants who are loving it out there, I would appreciate any encouragment/support or tips/insights!!!! I am 42 and divorced after 2 years of marriage and I have NO kids, nor do I want any. I have good friends and hope to make many more in ABQ. I have a spiritual connection with anything soaring through the sky with a large wingspan and love nature and the cosmos! Thanks, Bill


Oh yeah, I've worked in Boston for the past 4 years as a substance abuse counselor/case manager and would be open to doing similar work. I've also been clean and sober since 2006 and would want to get involved in the recovery community. Thanks again, Bill

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Hi Bill ~

I relocated from the Boston area five years ago myself and definitely encourage you to make the move.  I researched areas around the country and ended up here.  It's worth moving for the weather alone. Unfortunately, I ended up in Rio Rancho - I was told we should move here because of the school system and had to make the decision while I was still in MA - and I can tell you that everything worth moving to New Mexico for is east of the river.  I plan to move into town when my youngest is through this school year.  I echo the comment about drivers here - you've heard all the jokes about Massachusetts drivers but they have nothing on NM road warriors!  Good luck with the job hunt.

I'm originally from Boston as well, and god do I miss living in a REALLLLL city.  This is by far the most boring place I have ever lived.  As a city, it's a joke.  There's no industry and no night life, no education, etc.  I sense that's not what you're after if you're liking what people are saying on here, though.  Good luck, there's LOTS of people to substance abuse council out here. I personally would suggest California, specifically San Fran (nicest city I've lived in),  if you're looking for a positive change from Boston!!!
Thanks for your input Lynn. I got lucky last month and recieved a call from a rehab in Malibu to be a couselor. 4 interviews later and booked the gig and just got an apartment in Santa Monica-but look forward to visiting New Mexico again some day!! I will not miss Boston!!!!!!
Congrats on your job in Malibu, Bill!

I've lived in Boston and now live in Albuquerque - I can't say I agree with you Lynn, and I'm the kind of person that really likes urban environments.  Boston's incredible variety of urban neighborhoods still doesn't sway it for me, though.  But, I prefer wide open spaces over snobbery.


Really though, no education?  It may not be Boston, but there is a major university in the middle of town.  As for industry, it's got a good deal more than Boston, who's major industry is education, but I'm not sure why that's such a factor. 


I also much prefer nightlife around here - you can find any type of nightlife despite this being a much, much smaller city than Beantown.  Do you really consider Boston's variety of frat-boy sports bars a more legitimate nightlife?

Don't get me wrong, man. I DETEST Boston.  I left for good in '03 and have never been back, even though I still have family there.



Maybe you should go back to San Francisco then, Lynn. Or to Boston. Or anywhere, other than here, and leave this city to the people who really enjoy it and can do without your negativism.

Listen, I'm just trying to give what I feel is an accurate view of this place if you're used to a city.


I also don't think my disagreeing with you merits the venom in your response.  

Hey Bill, did you ever make it to ABQ?

did you ever make it to abq

I got exactly that 'honey, I'm home' feeling when I moved here from Illinois and still after 8 years get it whenever I look at the mountains or the volcanos. I also found, against great odds and a bad job market, the best job I've ever had. If simple makes you happy, you can find an apartment for around $600 a month. It's a great place to live, even given the current administration.


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