A new Facebook page made the news. The owner started the group on Saturday.  As of Wednesday evening, 11,500 members strong.

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WWll years. Albuquerque was about 30000. East city limit was Morningside.There wasn't anything between east Central and the Veterans Hospital which was considered far out but did have bus service.Regards to all residents of Albuquerque and New Mexico.Creamland and Valley Gold daires,the first Lotta Burger was a window service only affair on south San Pedro at about Sourthern,the New Mexico State Police moved into new headquarters on the northwest corner of Central and Louisiana on land taken from the fairgrounds,the Comet Speedway was located on south Wyoming just north of the gate to Sandia Base,the Ford Agency was located in Nob Hill across the street from the fire station,the building was still there in 2008 and was seen in one of the Breaking Bad episodes,Casa Luna pizza had two places on Central,one across the street from the UNM Rodey Hall and another one in about the 6000 block,two choices.
You are forgetting "Thatcher's Golden Gurnsey" milk; it came in glass bottles. Also, I remember the Lota Burger on south San Mateo close to present site. This was always called Lota Burger, number 2. Also, you are forgetting Frontier Ford downtown on Marquette, (do you remember the phone number, I do).  I never heard of the race track you mention however I remember Speedway Park on south Eubank.

I know the first Blake's was what is now Acapulco Taco's on San Mateo and Southern. #2 is the one on Washington, just a little back from Menaul.


I think the Ford dealership in 1950 (or one of them) was on the NW corner of University and Central. That building is now used by UNM.

No, that was Galles Cadillac and Oldsmobile. You can still see the Cadillac and Oldsmobile emblems carved in stone on the front of the building.
I believe you are referring to what was once Galles Motors. Galles moved there in the fifties. They were originally on Copper between Fifth and Sixth,across from the El Fidel Hotel.
The Billy Graham Crusade came to Albuquerque in I think 1950/51. Anyone know where the original tabernacle is located? The building was later occupied by Sears and then became a roller rink. I am told one can find some good building and plumbing supplies there now.
The ReStore building, San Mateo and Central just south of Octopus Car Wash. The Rainbow Roller Rink is still missed...

Right on Phil. Do you remember where the original ice rink was located? Albuquerque's first Dairy Queen?

Unless it's the old Iceland Bowl (now a go-kart rink), I'm afraid I don't...do tell...
In about the 200 block of Truman NE. West side of street. I believe it was gutted by fire. The first Dairy Queen in Albuquerque was at Central and California,north side of US 66. It was a window service affair. That shop was moved about one block west to just east of the Albuquerque National Bank's first branch office in the heights on the northeast corner of Central and San Pedro.On Cenral east there was once a marker that said one mile above sea level. Do you know the approximate block?
The ban at San Pedro and Central was "Bank of New Mexico". Albuquerque National Bank was at Washinton and Central.
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