A new Facebook page made the news. The owner started the group on Saturday.  As of Wednesday evening, 11,500 members strong.

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Anyone remember Hoyt's Dinner Bell restaurant? Often, when I am on east Central, I try to figure out where it was located.
Hoyt's Dinner Bell sounds very familiar. I am going to say this restaurant was located one block west of Yale on the south side of Central. If I recall right, there is a small triangle just to the west where Cottage Bakery used to be. We used to stop in there and get hot cinnamon roles after going to church at Saint Charles over on Coal. We rode the bus down from the east measa and walked over to the churh[circa. 1945].
After thinking this over,I believe Hoyt's Dinner Bell was located somewhere east of the dip which I believe is the 3600 block of Central. The restaurant I first referred to had something to do with a pig in its name.

You're thinking of the Pig & Calf Lunch...traces of the old signage are still visible today, and there's a nice New Mexico Historic Landmark sign that's been put up in the last few years.


Hoyt's Dinner Bell was waaay before my time, but my mom remembered it as one of Albuquerque's few "fine dining" options when she was a girl in the 50s. I think you may be right about its location - the impression I had from her was that it was in East Nob Hill somewhere in the vicinity of Solano or Aliso.

Yep - not much for "Hoyt's Dinner Bell" turns up on the internet except this old postcard, but fortunately it has an address...it's at Central and Aliso and there's a laundromat on the site today.


(Here's that picture again - hopefully it will paste correctly this time)

Anyone remember this place?  This was before my time.  My pops talks about this place.
Hoyt's.  I remember that place.  My parents used to go there on rare occasions. Without the children.  Anyone remember the Toddle House?  But Donald, you seem to be a font of Albq. information, maybe you can help me with something:  I seem to remember having gone to a diner-type restaurant with my parents that was called "EB's."  I think it was on Menaul, just east of Carlisle.  Know anything about this place?
This structure was on the north side of Central and what is now San Mateo. Northwest corner.I have read on another site that it started out somewhere down near the university.You can seen in the background that there wasn't any development in the northeast heights.
I can't remember EB's. I have discussed the Toddle Houses here a few months back. I can remember three,one on Central at the "dip," another on Central in about the 7800 hundred block SE and one on Lomas just east of Our Lady of Fatima. I grew up in Albuquerque in WWII and Korea. Rode the bus from the corner of Texas and Central to downtown where I went to Saint Mary. Saw a lot of history traveling down old US 66.
The Toddle House on Lomas was recently torn down by Houston Motor Co to enlarge their lot. The one in Nob Hill is still there (the building). The one on east Central was still there a few years ago, but I haven't been by it in a few years so I can't say.
Thanks for the pictures. I can't recall ever being in Hoyt's. My parents struggled with five boys and I never ate at a restaurant until 1947 or 48. I rode up and down Central east for twelve years to go to Sanint Mary and can still remember US66 as it used to be. Took a stroll down memory lane in 2008 from the Tijeras Canyon to Coors and was amazed at how things had changed. People everywhere.


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