A new Facebook page made the news. The owner started the group on Saturday.  As of Wednesday evening, 11,500 members strong.

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Hey Lee,


Ha! Ha!, I think I just had bad timing. I stayed on with the liquidation and was picked up by Mervyn's when they moved in back in Oct. 1978. I had a 17 year career with them.

I really like the old find too.


I use to buy dress shirts there, Cambridge Classics, I think. Do you remember Sanger Harris at Coronado? Goldwaters? The Broadway? The Broadway had an automotive dept in a separate building. Nothing has ever been there since. I always wondered why.

Lee, I remember the Broadway. Was that not Goldwaters before it was Broadway? Sanger Harris does not ring a bell. I think it has not been occupied since is that in this economy, the big battleship sized department stores will thin themselves out. Who wants that overhead.



The area where I grew up , just one block north of US66, is not a place one wants to be caught after dark,make that anytime. I remember going to the Fox in Winrock around the Christmas holidays in 1968 where all the family members of NMANG personnel in Vietnam gathered to watch film shot at the air base where the ANG had been for about eight months. It was a very emotional gathering and every family got to see their loved one at least once. I believe the State Theatre on Central between Second and Third opened in about 1950.I remember lining up at Saint Marys and marching down to the State to see some "must see" feature,probably "Quo Vadis." Can you imagine that,fourteen years old and still lining up two by two and marching five blocks while the Sisters of Charity patrolled the ranks to make sure no monkey business was going on. There were also students from Sacred Heart and San Felipe in attendance. I can't recall the girls from Saint Vincent Academy being there. Their school was just down Sixth Street from Saint Marys but they considered us riff-raff.
Do you remember the drive-up post office machines at Winrock? Also, remember before the flashing roadway signs we had those black round ball, about the size of a bowling ball with a flame coming out of the top? How about Walley Woofer commercials for West Coast sound? Do you remember when Gulf Mart opened on north San Mateo. The building is still there but it is a Salvation Army. I was on the Uncle Roy Show on TV, remember it? It was the first time I ate pizza. Normally they had hamburgers, but it was Friday (no meat on Friday), so they had cheese pizza. Did you ever hear of the Silver Spur restaurant, I left a black cowboy hat in there when I was a kid. Remember Vienna's Roaring Twenties?

I remember those smog pots that were used to warn drivers of road hazards. The city had an ongoing sewer project in the heights  in the sixties and there were many deep excavations marked by wooden barricades and those pots that burned kerosene. One morning we saw an International Travelall[now I haven't thought of that early SUV in years and sometimes I can't remember what day it is] that  had gone off in a hole that had to be fifteen feet deep. The Travelall was upside down and when a wrecker pulled the vehicle out of the hole ,we saw the dead driver. The excavation was at Tennessee and the first road south of Central. Would that be Zuni? I remember the Silver Spur but can't recall its location. Remember driving out to Gulf Mart,seemed like a long way out for a store location. Don't recall the Roaring Twenties. Anyone know the origin of a Quonset Hut located at Dallas and Chico? The city built the first fire station east of Nob Hill across the street from that make do building. Anyone remember "The Old Corral" on the north side of Central between Virginia and Wisconsin. At that time, Wisconsin was designated as Pierce. I remember a candy store on Lomas that had a huge red and white candy cane propped up against the building. I wish I had given the brother of the man that started that candy store a few thousand in the fifties. That would be millions and millions today. Those owning stock in that company can purchase a Rolex with a nice discount every May when they gather to visit with their oracle and their money. Those investors now own the railroad that runs through Albuquerque and the company represented by that green lizard seen on TV all the time. Many of them have a hard time finding a place to park their Lear Jet or Gulf Stream when they attend the yearly  stockholders meeting. A few memories of a time long past.

 George Buffett, the founder of Buffet's Candies in Albuquerque, has a brother named Warren. Known to many of his investors as The Oracle of Omaha, Warren has made many millionaires and some billionaires by investments in his Berkshire Hathaway Holding company.BH has completed its purchase of the Lubrizol Corporation which make additives for lubricating oil and fuel products. Warren Buffet only buys what he knows. His purchase of BNSF raised more than a few eyebrows in Omaha which is the home of BNSF's main competitor,Union Pacific.About 300 UP and BNSF freight trains cross Nebraska every day.   


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