I just received evidence of a plan by Republicans for voter registration fraud in Albuquerque.  I live alone and received one of those notices from the county clerk's office a few days ago informing me of absentee and early voting dates and locations in Bernalillo County.  Today, Saturday, October 6, 2012, I received another of these notices addressed to Ms Cecilia Newcomer, a Republican woman born 8/20/1974. 

No such person lives here.

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If you google Cecila Newcomer, you wiill find references to a person of that name in Albuquerque.

It looks like you've made your rounds...posting this identical post on every message board you can find. Astro-turfing with your positing isn't going to add up to anything here. Dems are set up to have a great November in New Mexico. You're doing your cause a disservice with this garble, it would be better served in a true "swing state".

You've only had the home for 2 years. Perhaps you could do a property records search with the county and find her in previous years at that address. Or ask the Clerk when she was registered. What you have attempted to illustrate is exactly what many of us have been saying for years...the voter registration roles need to get cleaned up. When this was tried in Florida recently and they attempted to purge the old data...this was called voter suppression. So make up your minds. You've also illustrated that you obviously believe, like we do, that it's too easy to register and to vote without proving who you are and where you actually live. I agree, and thank you for being the first progressive to echo that point.

No, the attemted Florida voter purge wasn't the normal kind. They were looking for non-citizens on the rolls. A few were identified last month from a list of them from the Feds. See this quote from the Huffington Post on Sept. 12:

"The Florida Department of State announced Wednesday that it used a federal immigration database to verify 207 voters are not citizens. Earlier this year, state officials under Republican Gov. Rick Scott had said they suspected more than 2,600 voters were ineligible and had asked election supervisors to purge those on the list."

In New Mexico, we are several years behind on our regular voter list purge. (It's required by the Feds, and they were directed to do it by the NM Legislature.) This summer, 177,000 postcards went out about that from the Sec. of State's (SOS's) Office to people. If people don't respond to say where they live now, and they don't vote at all between now and 2014, they can be purged in March 2015. I heard the SOS talking about it on the radio this morning. She said people don't get on that list (Inactive Voters) by not voting. They get on it by having a piece of voter mail from their County Clerk's office come back as undeliverable. Hear it yourself:

"The 2000 presidential election was decided by 537 votes in Florida. Scott's victory margin in 2010 was 61,550. The number of disenfranchised former felons in the state that year was 1,3323,360, nearly a third of them African American."


Yeah, like they're really worried about 2600 voters, since Scott eliminated 1.3 M potential voters... 

Obama won Florida in 2008 (50.8%), so they needed to do something else this time.

Did your tin foil hat come in with the mail also?

I just assume that  if its in my mailbox, its for me, and I opened it without looking at the name.  Yes, I do live a block south of Menaul, between Wyoming and Eubank.  Why?

Because that's the street ms Cecilia newcomer lives on in the white pages...seriously, you called larry barker before doing even a slight amount of research and s reaming fraud? I found that out in less than a minute.
Also, you assume wrong regarding the mail.

Contained within the very first link when you do a google search.  Absolutely hilarious.  He just wanted something to whine about.  Plain and simple.

It is interesting to read how you get taken off the voter rolls and that Granjero opened someone else's mail (that person seems to live on your block, correct) and automatically assumed voter fraud. Surely if someone was going to commit fraud they would not list an address that someone else could receive the mail. My two oldest sons have not resided in NM or voted here for the last 8 years.  In the last presidential election, when I went in to vote, I noticed their names on the rolls and that someone had used one of their names to vote. At the same time I was there finding out how to correct the problem, a neighbor came in to vote and was told they already had. We both filed a complaint, I had my sons call and send a letter to be removed from the rolls,  but last week I got their voter information in the mail with mine.  Fraud happens but you do not have to register to commit fraud.  Just use someone else's name- and people wonder why we need voter ID.

But I thought voter ID was racist lol.


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