I just received evidence of a plan by Republicans for voter registration fraud in Albuquerque.  I live alone and received one of those notices from the county clerk's office a few days ago informing me of absentee and early voting dates and locations in Bernalillo County.  Today, Saturday, October 6, 2012, I received another of these notices addressed to Ms Cecilia Newcomer, a Republican woman born 8/20/1974. 

No such person lives here.

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Really, Balletmom?  Really?  Maybe you'd be interested to know that actual instances of voter fraud are extremely rare in the United States.  Perhaps the poll worker accidentally had someone sign by your son's name instead of their own name.  Maybe the same deal with your neighbor.  Perhaps you'd be interested in the facts:


But RebLem receiving misaddressed mail is not evidence of the Republican Party committing voter fraud. I don't even understand what the fraud might be in this case.

"But RebLem receiving misaddressed mail is not evidence of the Republican Party committing voter fraud. I don't even understand what the fraud might be in this case."


I think he is insinuating that some Republican group registered Ms Newcomer as a false name to his address.

Oh, I get it.  Well, the "fake" Ms. Newcomer won't know where to vote because the information was sent to RebLem's address, so it looks like the whole scheme backfired on those Republican fraudsters.  ; )

So the next logical step is to take the mis-delivered mail to his neighbor and apologize for accidently opening it.  He might make a new friend!

More about votor ID:  don't forget, we sign our names when we vote (or apply for an absentee ballot).  With Early Voting, the Vote Centers and absentee verification, the computers are connected to the County Clerk's database.  That signature is compared with the one we used on our voter registration form, which comes up on the pollworker's screen.

Don't let the threat of Voter Fraud be used to justfy Election Fraud, which disenfranchises perhaps millions of voters.  Voting is a right!  Exercise it!

You need an ID to buy cigarettes, beer, liquor...to drive, to get a library card, a video rental membership, to write a check or even open an account and even to get a job (I-9). What exactly can you do without a photo ID? Who exactly would feel suppressed by needing one to vote? Complete, total, steamy BS.

Some people don't need to do any of those things.  They just want to vote, as they have been doing for many years.  Besides, any document can be forged.

It's not just a photo ID that is being required in some states.  It has to be a state-or federal-issued one, and not expired.  it's too expensive and time-consuming for many people to get the necessary documents and take them to their county clerk's office.  It's especially hard for women, since they often change their name with marriage, so they need more documents.

An article linked from the Brennan Center link given above says:

"The Center’s research shows 1 in 10 eligible voters lack the necessary government-issued photo ID required by new restrictive voter ID laws, including 25 percent of African-Americans and 18 percent of Americans over 65."


100% BS, I don't even know anyone that knows anyone that doesn't have a photo ID issued by a government agency. My 94 year old Grandmother has a photo ID. It's completely bogus and everyone knows it. If these people exist...they wouldn't be able to gain employment, they would be booked as John Does is arrested. I could go on for pages and pages about what you cannot do without an ID...and voting would be the least on a priority list. You cannot be an active participant in today's society without an ID. In fact, many Libertarians are quite concerned about that.  

So if you are so concerned about disenfranchised people because of ID requirements, you certainly have your work cut out for you because you cannot live in today's society without one. You cannot even get medical treatment without one! You cannot get Welfare or benefits without one...Really Michelle...this is a completely ridiculous argument. 

I think if you ask 100 people what they think on this...you're gonna get at least 95 back that agree with needing an ID. In fact, most people assume you do need one. How many people show their ID to the poll worker proactively? Well I asked a poll worker that I'm related to...she said that at least half of people volunteer their ID and are told that isn't necessary. I have really never seen such an empty argument.

Just because 95 out of 100 people agree doesn't make it correct or right.  For example, in Mississippi in 1950 you could probably get 95 out of 100 people to agree that black people shouldn't vote.  Or go to school. Does that make it right?

You absolutely CAN live without an ID in today's society and many people do.  The police will not arrest you if you are not breaking the law and I am not even sure if in NM not having an ID is a crime, either.  Some states, yes, but in many states those laws have been recognized as simply a way to criminalize homelessness and have been removed from the books.

Again, I urge you and anyone else out there who watches too much Fox News to learn the FACTS about voter fraud.  It is extremely rare and not a problem.

Once Banned- I was not implying voter fraud by either party. Take a breath. I have no idea if those people voted Republican or Democrat. I wanted to point out that it happens.The volunteer showed my neighbor "his "signature on his line, so no error there.  If the volunteer at the poll had someone sign their name on my son's line, then than that poor person just had their vote eliminated. I doubt that happened.  My son is registered in another state, so he can vote twice?  How many others out there are there? I just wanted to make sure people know that our voter rolls are very outdated and could easily be manipulated.  

And statistics can be manipulated to say anything.  That only reflects what they fraud was found and what they think will be found.  And a poll volunteer comparing every single name on a screen will eliminate this?  Somehow we need to find a better method to clean up the rolls.

You can go to vote at any poll site beginning October 20.  You no longer have to vote in your home district.

And in some counties, including Bernalillo, where 1/3 of the state's voters live, you no longer sign one of those roster books. So you can't sign on the wrong line.

Yes, the state has gotten behind in doing the purge -- it's being cleaned up.

Actually, you can vote now at the County Clerk's office or designated place in every NM County.  In Bernallilo County it's at the Annex, 620 Lomas NW.  They are open 8 to 8, Mon to Sat. tihrough election day, Nov. 6.

Don't believe I mentioned anything about you assuming anything about Democrats or Republicans.  Just urging you to get the facts about voter fraud.

You have to have a state or federal issued ID for everything now- including access to health care.  I work in health and we are required to ask all patients to provide ID to avoid insurance/Medicaid fraud and to follow patient privacy laws.  You have to have an ID in banks, stores, to travel. etc.  Yes you can forge ID and in our state anyone can get a driver's license, but if it is required in all other aspects of our lives, why not when we go into vote?  Maybe some of these political groups instead of spending money on ads and door flyers can use that money to help people get access to an ID that they need in their everyday lives.


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