The ruins of the old (1700s) Spanish village of San Miguel de Carnue are on benchland above the large arroyo in what is now Singing Arrow Park near Four Hills.  It is the only stabilized ruins of a community from this time-period in the United States, however you can't see much of anything from ground level.   It is clearly visible from Google Satellite, though.  The ruins are fenced off next to the community center, but there is a large hole in the fence, so it's possible to wander around inside.  One small sign tells about what was found in the excavation. The site is controlled by the city.  Anybody know anything else about the excavation; who did it, was anything written up, etc?

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The coordinates for the hole in the fence are here: 35.064022,-106.501766   The sign about the ruin is right next to it.  Plug those coordinates into Google Satellite view and you can see the ruins.


Very cool, JMG, thanks - I wasn't aware this was out there! Another Spanish village from the same time period (ca. 1757-1820s) is located along Las Huertas Creek just north of modern is well-preserved and of similar size and was excavated and thoroughly mapped in the early 2000s by archaeologists from Columbia University in NYC. I am intrigued by this one...will poke around a bit and see what I can find out about the investigations there.

For another set of ruins, visit the Open Space Visitor Center at 6500 Coors NW. In a fenced off field a hundred yards north of it is the unexcavated pueblo where Coronado and his expedition crashed and clashed in 1541 and 1542. Research and limited digs are ongoing. If you Google this address, look for the lone tree along the ditch, the field is between it and the houses to the east. The visitor center offers info and occasional tours.

Hi, I heard about the ruins by the Open Space center, but haven't been out there yet.  Having trouble finding the field on Google, though.  I don't see a tree on the small ditch by the visitor center.  And east of the tree on the larger ditch is the river.   Can you give coordinates?

I can't find the Placitas ruin on Google, either, Phil.  I don't see Las Huertas Creek.

It runs down Las Huertas canyon and passes under the highway at the east side of the old village of Placitas...follow the creek west from there and you'll see it. I didn't want to get too specific about where (revealing site locations is actually against federal law, but interpreted sites like Carnue and Piedras Marcadas [the pueblo] are probably ok because they're widely known).


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