Hi, I'm a masters runner training for marathons usually. I've recently moved here from CA and really miss my running peeps. Anyone know a group that trains fairly seriously but has a lot of fun too. I've been doing way to many solo run's and workouts and would love some company. 

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There's a running club based out of the ABQ Running shop at Montgomery and Tramway. They are supposed to have different levels of runners, but I have never run with them so can't say for sure, as I prefer to train alone.

Thanks! I did check in there once and I think it's a paid group. I use a private coach so that's not really what I'm looking for. Seems like lots of runners here run alone. 

Call around to some of the gyms in town.  I know the JCC has several groups of people who train together and you could probably join one of them without being a member.

Check meetup.com.  I just did a quick search and found this: http://www.meetup.com/ABQ-running-club/

Thanks Nancy and Balletmom. I'll check both of those ideas out. 

Did you ever find anyone to run with? I ran into teh same when I got here. Lots of people out but always by themselves. I was pointed towards a couple groups but they were a little slower than I was looking for. I was shooting for a 2:40 until I took last year off. Now I just need to get back in shape and gey back to sub 3:00.

>>I was pointed towards a couple groups but they were a little slower than I was looking for.

Umm... maybe that's why no one wants to run with you ;)

I've found a few gals for my easy days. I haven't really found any for long runs or workouts. I was shooting for a sub 3 but since moving to altitude, I can't seem to adapt and am in more like 3:20ish shape? Maybe slower. It's beyond frustrating. 

But when you head back to sea level it is nice. Until then, throw an oxygen bottle in a camelback. If I remember correctly, you should slow down about 1% per thousand feet altitude due to lack of oxygen but speed up 0.5% due to less are resistance. So if you do your runs on a treadmill, the difference is even worse than when you are outside.

What pace are you doing your long runs at now?

I do feel better at sea level but I'm not faster. In fact just ran my worst half in a decade at sea level. probably because I can't get any fast training in. It's beyond frustrating. 

Interesting about the treadmill. I hadn't thought about that. I usually get on there about once a week but usually am outside. 

I'm running my longs at about 8:0x pace. Slower if I'm on the trails.

A few years back I lived at about 2000 ft and worked at about 5000 feet most days. My 8 mile "long runs" were always at altitude. I could never really go that fast at sea level but felt like I could go forever. Later I started doing speed work at 2000ft and that is when my times dropped. Then moved to sea level and turned in my better times.

Altitude helps with the blood being able to carry more oxygen when you go back to sea level but only for a couple days. The part I think most people overlook for altitude training is you can't build the muscle the same as at sea level. Even after you adapt, you still get less oxygen so can't work the muscles as hard. The last bit is speculation but I think is supportable. So live at altitude and train with oxygen or at lower elevations.

Let me know if you want to meet up for a long run. Not sure of my current pace but should be able to do an 8 (I hope). Old group would do 7:30. I would run 6:40 - 7:00 if I was be myself or a little faster if I felt good. Probably not the best training plan but fun at the time and probably never to be repeated. I think my faster days are over.

I ran great in Sacramento. I could also run longs at 6:40-7 as a MP or Steady workout but not every time. 7:30ish would be a normal long easy there. Now it's like 1/2 MP effort here. I feel like living here for 7 months has erased 7 years of great training there. I am afraid my faster days are behind me but I still want that sub 3 marathon. 

My last 2 longs that I ran 8:0x were steady paced runs easy would be even slower. I did just go to Sac for the weekend and did a 20 mile run on the WS 100 trail. It took over 3 hours but I did feel like the distance or time were not an issue and my long run prior to that was just 2:15. 

So you were serious about training with 0xygen. Hmm. didn't know you could get your hands on it or that any one did that in training. Hmm. 

I'd love long run company. This weekend I have a 2 hour long on the trails but that will be slow. (i'm going to pace a friend at the American River 50)  I'll probably hit the bike path for a faster long next week. 


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