Sarah Palin at the Marriott on Monday Morning at 8:30am

Sarah Palin is coming to town tomorrow morning. I just got the phone call. Less than 24 hrs notice. Hey - less than 12 hrs notice. Interesting. She is coming to endorse Susan Martinez. Guess who I'm not voting for. Not in a million years would I vote for anyone that woman endorses.

Why did I get the call? I guess they thought I'd be interested. I am on the books as a registered Republican. I have never bothered to fix that because I like to think of myself as a double agent of sorts. And because I get these kind of calls. And I get satisfaction leading people on who call me to "get my support." sort of like those people who are gonna get me on the first page of google for my search term. I love to lead them on too. "Really? you can do that for me? Swell!"

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i'm not satisfied with a vague understanding of history or the working of the universe.

if it isn't dis-provable, i have little use to trust it as a guiding ideal.

i'm curious now, why do you spend time believeing a metaphor, of a creator that could have done anything? where does that get you? to me it sounds like you end up where you started.
How did the first non-life become life?
it depends upon what you mean by 'life' but amino acids have been found to employ a kind of trial and error recombination on their own. amino acids are the basis for proteins, which are the basis for life on this planet. and so it went.

but even if one doesn't trust that, it doesn't logically follow that there would then have to be a creator, and more specifically the christian god. it could be any one of the 10,000 gods that have occurred in human history just as easily.
You're really reaching when you cite the Treaty of Tripoli. There is evidence that wording was inserted by an atheist with an axe to grind, and was contradicted by many statements of the Founders.
You're reaching if you believe that personal faith translates to "Christian state"
The US is a de facto, not de jure, Christian state. The Founders recognized this. We have separation of church and state, but not of faith and state.
Please provide a study to support this.
Jeff, then why not recreate your 'first non-life to life' theory in the lab, isn't that what science does? That fact is science has nothing but guesses as to how the first life arrived, but the one thing many seem to be sure of is that God was not involved. As the evolutionists Richard Lewontin said, "We must keep the Divine foot out of the door:"

That there are many ideas of God shows that He has imprinted the idea of Himself on the human heart, itself an argument for His existance.

You're a well-spoken person. Care to comment on any of the other happenings in the 505?

This thread is boring me to death.
Ha! OK, what would be good discuss about our great city?
been done - abiogenesis.

'keeping the divine foot out of the door' isn't a militant statement against religion but a statement on maintaining scientific rigor. i mean to say, it comes form a different place.
But what of scientists who believe the evidence leads them to the argument of design? Shouldn't science be open to all possibilities?


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