A few months ago Satellite raised their prices. I particularly noticed it on the Graburrito, which now costs a whopping $5. I honestly thought it was descent for $2.99, or maybe even $3.50. A price of $5 just doesn't cut it. Often, those burritos are not fresh, and they get heated irregularly. Personally, I will never order one again at those prices.

I do really like Satellite, but they should be called out on this. I'd be curious if this is bringing their sales down. Okay, sorry for the rant!

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When I moved to Albuquerque in 2001 I really like Flying Star.  In 2001 their food was moderately priced, the quality was good and I frequented it a couple times per week.  in 2001 you could get a special for 5.99 or 6.99.  Now all of the specials aare 10.99 and up. They used to have great european style rolls.  Several years ago they changed their roll recipe and now they taste like they buy then at the day old bread store.  They used to have low cost options on their menu.  Now you are hard pressed to find anything for less than 6 bucks that can be considered a meal.  And 6 bucks for a slice of pie...what planet do they live on?  Once the owner's decided they wanted to expand to become a regional chain several key things have changed.  They used to make all of their dishes individually from scratch.  Now you can tell they try to make "all purpose" sauces that can be used for multiple menu items.  The result is that the overall authenticity of the food has gone downhill.  They make food in larger quantities and have slower turn-over so their food isn't as fresh as it used to be.  Overall If I can going to pay 20 bucks for a meal, a drink and a tip  there are a lot of other places I would prefer to go.  For that kind of money I can even have a waiter come to my table and take my order instead of standing in the cattle chute.  I feel ripped off everytime I eat at a flying star.  Despite it's attempts to advertise to convince everyone to the contrary, it has really sold out and strayed from it's roots.  I yearn for the days of the old double rainbow. 

Reminds me of the time I had a (very small) cup of soup and (again very small) half sandwich combo for $10.50 there. Oh, yeah, come to think of it - that was the last time I ate there. ;)

Anyone notice the $48 pumpkin cheesecakes they were trying to sell for Thanksgiving?  For a 10" cheesecake!!!  I hauled my butt over to Costco and got a fabulous, enormous pumpkin pie for $5.99.  Not one slice, but an entire pie.  Had to be a good 12"-14" in diameter.  I did some math, and it was something like 4x cheaper than the FS pumpkin pie, by area.  And just as good, I'd wager.

I used to take my little kids to FS for lunch or dinner.  But about the only things sized well for them that include any kind of veggies is the (very) mini mac + cheese, add broccoli -- almost $6 -- or the little buddha bowl at $7, or $11 if you add chicken.  Yikes!!!

And breakfast.... Ranch breakfast = country breakfast + bacon +$3.  $3 for 2 small strips of bacon??

In general I like the concept and atmosphere of Flying Star.... But invariably the prices are too high, or the selection just doesn't quite cut it, once I'm standing in line trying to make a decision.  On the surface the selection seems great, but then.... I don't know, there's just something missing.  Maybe it's just that I like simple and small (and correspondingly lower in price), and they don't seem to have much of that.

It's hilarious and more than little telling that people have been complaining about Flying Star/Double Rainbow prices for 25 years.

Looks like you've elicited a response from Flying Star: http://www.dukecityfix.com/forum/topics/satellite-coffee-response-t...

And I noticed a good review in the Alibi this week. Coin-ki-dink? ;)

The new dishes sound really good in that article, I have to admit!!

If you are referring to 'Double Rainbow'...

You probably should do some research before claiming that they stole the name of a trademarked business.  

It's simple; don't like the place, don't go there.  Or, don't order the more expensive items. Some of the items remain good value for the money, especially considering the ingredients - such as the BIG bowls of soup. 

I've also noticed the prices have gone up, but locally-owned companies must be profitable in order to survive, and give back to the community.  Certainly, we can buy more (quantity) for less elsewhere, and that's our choice as consumers.  That giant cheesecake at Costco wasn't (I'm willing to bet) made with locally-sourced, organic, humanely farmed ingredients.  (Although I'm sure it was right tasty.)   

It should further be noted that Ms.Bernstein didn't post anonymously, unlike some of F-S's more virulent critics here.  If you're going to say it, people, you should own it.

P.S. My favorite breakfast burrito? The one I make at home. :)  


Same ownership as Flying Star of course, and I think Flying Star is overpriced.  Flying Star doesn't have enough healthy low-cal choices, and their portions are ridiculously big.  One can not cause the owners of trying to help our community get healthier when we eat.  I like Satellite too, but I took a good look at the prices and I can't afford to drink $4-5 drinks and eat $5 grabs regularly.  So I vote with my wallet and feet and I don't go very often now.  Used to be a regular...


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