I don't know if this is bad form, or not, but I just wanted to share my experience with the purchase of a Sears Range that I picked up in January. If you are about to make a 'large item purchase' similar to mine, please continue reading before making a purchase...

1. I picked an item on sale for $359.99 + $75 Delivery and $10 Haul Away Fee.
2. Told Rebate for Delivery = $75.
3. Filled out Rebate form online.
4. Rebate form was unable to be processed for some reason.
5. Contact Rebate Center via Contact email inquiring why rebate not processed
6. Never received information back.
7. Go online -- lo and behold -- This is quite common as I'm not the only sucker to fall prey to misinformation, or shady sales tactics!

Here's the fun part:

7. Contacted Store -> Store bounced me to Rebate Center -> Rebate Center bounced to ANOTHER Rebate Center #2 -> Rebate Center #2 says that it has finally being processed, but I won't get the amount until the exact day of the last day to RETURN ITEM.


I ask to speak to REBATE CENTER #2's Representative's Manager -- because it's so hard to find good customer service these days -- at least for me it is. I believe more people got through the trouble to give NEGATIVE feedback vs. POSITIVE FEEDBACK.

Where things go downhill:
Manager of Rebate Center #2 thanks me for taking the time to give positive feedback...

"Now let me check to see if everything is in order...it looks as if I have some bad news. Your amount does not qualify you for a rebate. You had to have spent $399.99 on your purchase."

Also, that I should have been informed of this at the time of filling out the online form. The problem that I have with this is that I won't know about NOT getting a rebate until AFTER the purchase -- pretty slick

Me: "I see..." Lucky for me I'd already been prepared to be disappointed. But now I'm getting mad, too I thank her for checking on that information for me and for letting me know up front rather than find out several weeks from now that I'm not actually going to be getting the refund. They say they can't do anything about it.

I'm told to contact the store. Store Rep apologizes for the inconvenience, and says that I need to contact rebate center...and since I've already done that to contact the National Service Line...

All they do is take down my complaint, as they can't refund any amount either, and then am told to contact the Store, again, to see if they'll take care of it.

I call the Store AGAIN -- get an apology from another rep., and finally, after speaking to 2 people and telling my entire situation, was again told that store standard rebate amount is $399.99.

"Let me call you back"


The Store refunded the money. SATISFACTION So, Suprise, I'm ending this post in a positive note! I wish that $359 and even $75 Isn't that big of a loss to me, but it is.

And if it is for you too, well, be a smarter consumer than I was...

...now I have 2 calls to make before lunch is over:

- My credit card company to see if they did in fact refund the amount.
- The National Service Hotline, again, and tell them that the local Sears here has taken care of the situation.

(edited: Since they refunded me the proper amount, Sears will retain me as a customer)

After that, I just hope my return on my newest motherboard for my computer goes just as smoothly!

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I used to buy all my appliances at Sears. No more. I bought a side by side fridge from the Coronado Sears a couple of years ago and got nothing but broken promises concerning delivery. At one point, three employees (including a manager) stood in front of me and gave three different excuses for not being able to deliver when promised. They could even agree on what date they would deliver on. I had selected a model based on availability and really needed it on the date promised. I finally got it four days late.

A few months later, I was shopping for a dishwasher at the Cottonwood Sears. The salesman there was totally unfamiliar with his product line and pricing. He finally convinced me that one model was a great deal because it was on sale. Turned out it really wasn't on sale. Then he pointed out another model that was on sale. Again, it scanned at the regular price. I walked away.

Ever since Sears acquired K-Mart, they adopted K-Mart's customer service attitude. Sears used to be a good company and they do have great products. But I will never shop there again. I finally bought my dishwasher at Baillio's. Pricing was lower than Sears and customer service was outstanding. They delivered on time and were very professional.
One problem. Sears did not acquired K-Mart. Worse: K-Mart acquired Sears. Explains a lot.
I don't shop at Sears anymore. PERIOD. We were very loyal Sears customers until they decided to "upgrade" our Sears card (that we had had and paid on time for 6 years) to the "Gold" Sears card and raised our interest rate from 14% up to 25%!!! Needless to say, that card has long since been paid off, closed and cut up! We now buy our appliances at Appliance Liquidators on Menaul.
This really sucks. I love Builders Source. I used to shop Sears but not since finding Builders. Plus, I like to try & shop local when I can.
I like Sears....It's the people they contract with to do delivery and hook up that suck! Clayton Construction does their delivery and hook up for gas stoves and they are terrible. Rude people delivering poor service. Sears got another company to work with me, but I decided to get my brother in law to help us do the pick up and hook up. He had the vehicle and we had the hook up knowledge.

If yu buy a large appliance from Sears make sure Clayton Construction is NOT doing the installation for you. Oh, and I had an even worse experience w/Baillos. I'm running out of places to shop!
We had problems with Sears. We had a dryer with a bad motherboard. Died 1 week after the 1 year warranty. They KNEW about the problem (It was a bad transistor?) It wasn't strong enough to handle the voltage of the power switch. Regardless, it was a known problem. We took apart our dryer and put a new motherboard in. Sucks. Cost us $110. Would have cost us $210 if we would have had sears come out and do it. Last time I trust Consumer Reports or Sears.
We bought a vacuum from Sears online. It was a little more than some other online places, but went with Sears because we thought it would be a reputable company and handle any problems. (And no local company carried the model.)

Without going into detail, the order was botched. It was to have shipped to the Cottonwood store for free, but never arrived. Then they said they would ship to my house...not a good idea, didn't want it to sit outside with no one home. They shipped to my door and charged for shipping. AND it took almost two months and six phone calls just to make that happen.

I don't even read the Sears flyers anymore. Nothing could make me shop there.
We got our previous appliances ( i think washer or dryer ) from Liquidators before, and were satisfied with them. But we went there again for our range first before Sears. However, it seemed their stock in our price range were not so great -- not even GOOD actually. And then the rest of the items were from $600+

But I will say that the delivery service was good -- ONCE THEY got the date and times right. I wish I could remember the guys name, but he was very professional, they were very careful on how they installed it, and made sure everything was the way we wanted it before they left. Thanks for sharing your experiences, offering suggestions of other places to check out, and sorry to hear about the bad experiences.
I'm getting my future appliances from ReStore. They just don't make 'em like they used to. Which is a problem when you have a nifty-50's kitchen.


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