Sat. April 13th, around 9am - 3:30pm, we're putting on a training for doctors.  We need to provide coffee, snacks and lunch.  Looked at the Pueblo Cultural Center and the Elegante.  I don't know our budget yet, but would like to have some options to consider.  Some places offer a room and food for one price, which would be good. Otherwise we'd cater it.  Thanks!

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What about the Harwood?

Is there a room that will seat 50-60 people at tables?

The main dining hall - remember the room for 12x12 where we had cocktail tables and the band?  We have all the tables and chairs for you to use. It's $25/hour.  We don't have a kitchen for you to use, though.  You can call me at work at 242-3033. 

Will keep that in mind and let our admin know. Thanks.

I believe you can rent the small auditorium at the very front of the Aquarium and BioPark catering can do the food. No idea on prices. Call 311 and ask for BioPark catering.

You might consider looking at:

- Los Poblanos - they have a meeting space in their main building - great food, great location - my personal favorite for meetings. Also great if you have people from out of town they may give you a special room rate as a part of the package.

- The Botanic Garden - they have a meeting room that is available for rental - stroll the gardens on breaks is nice.  I don't know if they cater.

- Downtown Flying Star - they have a meeting facility upstairs - they are set up for meetings with projection capabilities, drink bars in the rooms etc.

- Pretty much any of the Casinos can accommodate you if you looking for that type of setting.

How about the National Hispanic Cultural Center?  Or, maybe CNM or UNM Med School/Hospital?

Thanks for the suggestions.  Not sure we can afford Los Poblanos, but that would be lovely.  Will check them all out.

They all sound like good suggestions, especially on a Saturday.  The Elegante seems to be the most reasonable hotel for meetings.  The League of Women Voters has their monthly luncheon there.


What about Continuing Ed, or the Country Clubs, the Hispano Chamber of Commerce, or United Way near the Airport?  Don't forget about Hotel Parq Central near downtown -- it used to be a hospital!  I did a conference that size once in the Bobo room, on the top floor of Hodgin Hall at UNM.  (There's an elevator.)UNM food service is excellent.

Free space.  Roadrunner Food Bank.  You will be required to take a tour.  That's it.  They have kitchens you can use and they have large meeting rooms.  Really nice folks.

Yes, we've used Roadrunner before, apparently.  I think they are booked that day or they don't do weekends.  Somebody checked on them.  Most UNM venues are full, too, which is weird - on a Saturday.  Hotel Parq Central sounds interesting.  I've wanted to get in there (last time I was inside it *was* a hospital!).  Any idea of costs?


Did you try UNM-CE?  


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