I remember reading that the owners of Shade Tree Custom Cycle Works are planning to open a new restaurant in the old Optical Shop store front in Nob Hill by Feb. 1. Any word on how that's going?

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I think their move is still in the works...but their current motorcycle shop remains open across the street from the Hiland Theatre.

Also, I don't think they're moving into the Optical Shop space after all. The windows of the old Bike Coop space a few doors down have been papered over for a few weeks now and I've seen one of the Shade Tree owners out front. Meanwhile the Optical Shop appears to continue its inepxlicable existence next to Mean Bao. The expensive eyeware market really must be better than it appears...

I gotta put in a bit about the optical shop here.  I always poo-pooed that place myself. My husband and I both bought our glasses over the last 40 years at Eye Mart WalMart Costco Sams Club Sandia Vision and several other independent places around town.  Sometimes we didn't really like what we picked out but what the heck they were affordable.  Sometimes the glasses were never quite right vision wise and attempts to fix them failed.  Why there's even pairs of glasses in drawers that were never worn. Ever.  

Then one day on a lark we went into the Optical Shop, needed some glasses and found some very very nice ones.  Flush with Christmas bonuses, we went for it and we each got a pair of new sharp looking glasses.  I'm not gonna lie, they were expensive and we were not sure if we were doing the right thing.  Jeff, the owner, helped us pick them out and then measured us up for our custom glasses fitting of frames and lenses.  Husband and I joked with each other about the high cost of personal service and believe me, Jeff gives fantastic personal service.  When the glasses finally came in, to shorten up a long story, they were the best fitted glasses we'd every gotten! We were blown away. Not only that but each of us separately were often each given compliments on those cool or lovely or even, once, beautiful glasses. 

I just want to say that Jeff is a master of whatever the heck it is he does and we have been fortunate to purchase several pairs of glasses from him over the years.  If he does close his shop I hope to find out where goes so I can continue to benefit from his years of experience and personal attention. 

Moon Optical gives great personal service at a fraction of the price--and I NEVER have had problems with the lenses.  My eye doctor had warned me away from the cheapy-cheap places for just that reason.  I still don't understand how the Optical Shop stays in business with their prices.  How many people get Christmas bonuses and can spend them at that shop?

I've had similar experiences with The Optical Shop.  I've bought two frames there and would consider returning.   The pair I didn't lose have lasted forever.  I have regularly had problems with lenses not being made well or set right and the service and products I have gotten from Jeff have been of the highest quality.  While it is pricey, I definitely feel like I've gotten my money's worth.

Um... how pricey? I have trouble with glasses.

Last time I was in there, which is admittedly years ago, nothing was under $250.  Frames alone.  Try Moon Optical.  Less expensive frames and very good and attentive service.

I found many frames under $250 when I went there last year.  The pair I got were $169, which was *much* more than I'd ever spent before. The owner sells a pair of frames once, so no one else has them. That wasn't particularly important to me, but if you want to be unique, this would be the place to go.  They really are beautiful frames, and I'll second everyóne's feedback about the quality and service.  And I did like buying from a small, local business rather than a big chain.

With insurance, those aren't bad prices for frames.

My last frames were $289 and I get a lot of compliments on them (which is weird because they're not unusual looking or anything).  Worth every penny, in my opinion. I realize this is more money than many would consider prudent, but other people probably spend some of their money on things I wouldn't. This to me turned out to be one of those situations where the investment was well rewarded.  But, of course, I'll be checking out Moon Optical next time around to see what they've got.

I also need to comment about the Optical Shop...I have a difficult prescription and have been to those "in about an hour" places and will never return to them.  Since I've found Geoff at the Optical Shop I know my glasses will be made correctly the first time.  Expensive--yes.  But worth every penny.  I've purchased 4 pair of glasses from his shop and they are perfect every time.  Stylish frames you won't find elsewhere and perfect lenses!  Because I wear my glasses all the time, I do look for a more stylish frame.  Again, the Optical Shop will continue to get my business and my referrals!

We chatted with one of the Shade Tree guys in front of their space (the old Bike Coop) this evening and it sounds like they're aiming for a March/April opening. There'll be a full restaurant upstairs and the cycle shop downstairs (I assume with access via the alley). He mentioned live music, too. We're looking forward to them opening!

I am not really following this. Owners of  a motorcycle shop are opening a restaurant? I hope the food isn't greasy.


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