"Shame on ........" banners in front of businesses, what's up?

I am confused by the "Same on ........ business" banners we see all over Albuquerque. I am very pro-labor, but I thought I remembered seeing or reading that these aren't real labor disputes, but people trying to get money from the business owner. I tried googling to see if I could find the original article about it, but couldn't find anything on the banners in ABQ. Does anyone know the real story here? I thought the loyal readers of Duke City Fix would know for sure!

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You'll find your answers amidst some very feisty commentary here:


Thanks, that was helpful. I knew this would be the place to ask. So now I guess the best thing to do is go ask one of the banner holders on the corner of Central and Carlisle and see what their issue is and then decide. And yes, very fiesty commentary! Nothing better than lots of fingers typing away fueled with righteousness on both sides of an issue.


The thing is, the people holding the banners have no say.  They're not even union members.  The unions hired these non-unionized workers to protest the fact that these other businesses hired non-unionized workers.  Personally, I think it's a huge PR issue for the unions, and it can only serve to bite them in the ass.

I wonder about that as well. One reason that I find it confusing, it seems that the banners I have been seeing appear after  the construction has taken place. It is almost like "crying wolf" -- that if a serious labor issue were to take place, no one would pay any attention. And when people say "unions" is there a specific union doing this? In the discussion you pointed me to it seemed that most comments were "the union" not a specific union. Ideas? I used to work in an underground coal mine that was non-union. We tried for a very long time to be unionized, but during my time there it never happened. The company stopped the attempt each time by raising wages, and who can argue with that?

I am very pro-union in general, but in my book this particular strategy amounts to crying wolf at best and a clumsy attempt at extortion at worst.To be clear, this isn't "the unions," it is one specific union: the carpenters union that just built that huge headquarters building at Montgomery and I-25.


In most cases it's not even the hiring practices of the business being picketed the carpenters object to, but the fact that the general contractor hired a sub-contractor or sub-sub-contractor that used non-union employees. At least one of the small, non-union local firms the union objects to has publically demonstrated several times that their employees make more and have better benefits than the union workers do.(They certainly make more than the hourly temps the union hires to hold the sign).


Finally, as you mention, they keep up the picketing long after the project is over: they were still out in front of Sunflower Market over a year after it opened. I agree with Benny - its' a clumsy and mean-spirited tactic that makes unions as a whole look bad.

Let Me get this right the Union hires NON union people to protest that Non union people were hired to work? My head is spinning

I know...its totally weird. It never occured to me that the union might just be some evil machine that extorts workers and companies for money and power. Really?

Im just glad these guys are operating in plain sight. They disgust me...

About 18 months ago, they were picketing a church on Montanyo. When interviewed,

the minister had absolutely no idea why they were there and had never received any

communication from the Union. Eventually they disbursed and it was speculated that

the hired picketers had been given the wrong address.


Many news stories, blogs etc. have covered these "pickets" and it seems almost

certain that these are mostly economic shakedowns.



Such a life on such a planet.

Labor, sadly, is dead in this country.  Work is a four letter word.  This is a country of 'easy money," and risky business, lots of toys, no compassion or empathy-we want everything now and no sweat.  Everybody is a bum, except...SHOW ME THE MONEY!  Follow the money-who benefits the most?  What have you done for me, lately  We all have opinions and that is all they are: for what that's worth.

when those guys were outside sunflower market last year, i asked a cashier, and she said that group had nothing to do with sunflower employees.  i'm not sure what it's about, but i don't think it's a legit labor dispute

Very few people know what a legitimate labor dispute is these days.  What is evident in our society is that people are afraid of the rapid changes that are occurring and the lack of knowledge and resources to effect any meaningful resolution.  Krishnamurti, once said {and i'm paraphrasing}  people are not afraid of the unknown, but rather of losing the known.  I have a feeling most of us don't know what's going on and are too quick to come up with easy and suspicious answers-or so it seems to me at this point in time


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