"Shame on ........" banners in front of businesses, what's up?

I am confused by the "Same on ........ business" banners we see all over Albuquerque. I am very pro-labor, but I thought I remembered seeing or reading that these aren't real labor disputes, but people trying to get money from the business owner. I tried googling to see if I could find the original article about it, but couldn't find anything on the banners in ABQ. Does anyone know the real story here? I thought the loyal readers of Duke City Fix would know for sure!

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I engaged some of these protestors when they stationed themselves outside of one of my favorite eateries. They would not answer any questions, told me they were hired to picket and handed me a dirty, grease stained flyer that stated the business had used non-union carpenters when it was being renovated.

The key word is "engaged" maybe if you had inquired respectfully, you would have gotten a different response...Who knows.

There was nothing disrespectful in how I interacted with them. But of course, you probably wouldn't believe that either.

I believe you...respectfully and peacefully.  I don't have an agenda or anything to prove.

The cited ABQ Journal letter to the editor at the bottom of page 8 of the 2009 thread seems the clearest explanation of the "Shame On..." signs.  If I was a business owner being picketed I'd have copies of this letter on hand to give to customers.

These people personify the evil of unions. I challenge one of you pro union progressives to present an example of a legitimate labor dispute in the last 20 years. By legitimate, I mean something the average and reasonable person would consider legitimate. Some truly unsafe or unfair working conditions...not just fighting for better benefits than 90% of the average workforce...that doesn't count as a legitimate dispute.

The sooner we all admit that unions have become Democrat slush funds that exploit companies as well as workers and harm competition while driving jobs overseas…the better off we’ll be. Never mind their origins…or their necessity 70 years ago.

Better progressive than regressive and aggressive..

Charles, the problem is that the left isn't actually progressive, functionally. It just happens to be what you call yourselves, so I use the moniker that seems to be the preferred over liberal these days. Liberal isn't really descriptive either, I could refer to the leftist ideals in more colorful terms if you prefer, I thought that might be perceived as inflammatory.
You'll have to forgive my ignorance on how to describe what the left thinks...I'm used to not having to hide my beliefs behind a cover label. Right or wrong, I know how unpopular it can be to admit you're a Marxist, thus the need for creative smart sounding labels.

See what I mean about aggressive-the response of the "right" everybody with a different point of view has to be demonized and referred to as "commies, hippies, or the anti-Christ.  We are all Americans and could  show each other a little respect.  It is apparent that you are not ignorant-a little biased, but this is America with a diversity of ideas and people.  I'm glad for you and the privilege of sharing this great country of ours.

Right, because I've never been called a fascist (which is funny because most actual fascists have been left wing), tea bagger, repuke, racist (which is even funnier considering that 100% of segregationist politicians in this country were Democrats) I could go on, what's the point? I never called anyone a name, I simply named a particular philosophy. If you feel there are negative inferences to Marxism...I think you would have some fellow "fixers" that disagree with you.

This really just illustrates what I was saying in the first place. Why are left wingers so afraid to admit they are Marxist or Socialist...those aren't insults, they are viewpoints that many of you hold...albeit unpopular.

"There you go again..."-Ronnie.   I don't see the word "fascist" anywhere in my discourse with you.  I've never even met a Marxist or a Socialist and I would very much avoid any fascist in any fashion.  And the only wings, I've participated in belonged to turkeys..so, I don't know what you're inferring.  God bless you sir, enjoy your life.  This is futile and I'd rather contribute to the community in some concrete and useful way.  So long...

While I agree that the "Shame On..." signs represent an unfortunate and terrible side of today's unions, the labor dispute you are looking for is in the continued plight of the Migrant farm workers who have absolutely no rights or access to social needs we take for granted. It happens in New Mexico, California, and any place with commodity produce, today. This is even among people who have legitimately entered the country to do this work.


Thank you.


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