What an absolute joy it was yesterday morning (Sunday) to leave my apartment off of 14th Street to head out towards the morning's Church of Beethoven show only to find out I was locked into my own neighborhood with NO WAY to get to Central Ave, let alone past it, as the Run for the Zoo people had the cops blocking every possible way out of the neighborhood. I was so furious I couldn't even see straight; the cop working the intersection of Park Ave and 14th was not letting any cars get through, at all. I turned around and tried to head down Silver to bypass the runners - no dice, Silver was blocked off, too. I tried heading down Lead towards the park past the country club - no dice, that was blocked off, too. Eventually, after a half-hour of driving around and calls to the police department, some bright bulb decided that maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe it might be a good idea to let a few cars go through.

Shame on the Run for the Zoo people, and shame on the city for poor planning.

What if I or my girlfriend had had a medical emergency, and needed to drive out of the neighborhood and to the nearest emergency room? We would not have been able to get out.

What if I'd had a flight to catch? I would not have been able to get out.

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Oh, get over yourself. This annual event was heavily advertised and as a resident of the area, you should have known and been prepared. Had there been a medical emergency, you would have been able to get out.

I ran the race and there were many other residents in the area cheering on runners and enjoying the scene.
Wow, rude much, Mr. Chavez?


"Had there been a medical emergency, you would have been able to get out."

Um, WRONG. I tried getting out and there was no way out of the neighborhood.

This Run for the Zoo caused many people (not just myself, so this is not about "getting over myself", sorry to have to break it to you) to be stuck in the neighborhood. I have no problem with there being a zoo in the city, and I've no problem with the fact of some kind of race to support it. My reason for this post is that both the city and the promoters of the race FAILED in their planning for this. I asked a couple of police stationed at a few of the intersections I tried to get through how I was supposed to get out, and BOTH of the officers replied, in tones suggesting that it wasn't a big deal, that I would simply have to wait for the race to end.

That is unacceptable. Period.

I'll say it AGAIN: what if I had to get out for a medical emergency?
I'm sorry you had to deal with this. I can imagine how frustrating it was. We ran in this event yesterday, and even though the weather sucked, we enjoyed it. I was wondering, though, how neighborhood residents were putting up with it. Now I know.
no. they send flyers to EVERY resident in the area (I know, I lived there) informing them of routes to get out. I've never had trouble getting in and out and I lived across the street from Kit Carson where soooo many different events run through. He's being dramatic. and didn't pay attention to the highlighted evacuation routes.
sorta like folks who live near the balloons . . . . . . . . .

sorry it made you so crazy.
It's a legitimate complaint.

Were residents of the area notified of alternate routes in advance? Some sort of flier?

Maybe your flier blew away in the previous week's wind...
No fliers of any kind were posted, slamwagon. Which was a shame. Providing SOME way to get out of the neighborhood would have alleviated my stress. I was thirty minutes late getting to the Church of Beethoven performance.
Rich- I didn't mean to come off as rude and I apologize.

I do, however, feel you're overreacting a bit. I worked in emergency medicine for 8 years in various capacities and have participated in numerous races where residents are temporarily blocked in, so I can assure you that had there been a true emergency you would have been able to get out or medical personnel would have been able to get to you.

Do you really believe that race organizers or the City would want to be held liable for withholding medical care for a person?

I really think you're overreacting to a relatively minor inconvenience. I know it sucks, but plan better in the future ot just sit back and enjoy.
I was thirty minutes late getting to the Church of Beethoven performance.

This sentence is really funny when read out loud in a crying voice.

Seriously, you know what would also alleviate your stress? Not letting yourself get all worked up over being a little late for your bougie event that happens like every week. Lighten up, roll with the punches and live longer.
@ Statler and Waldorf:

"for your bougie event"?

That's a fairly insulting thing to say; what is the reason for your attitude?
The Church of Beethoven provides something unique and artistic for
the community; when you call it "bougie", you dismiss the legacy of
Felix Wurman and the very hard work of musicians, organizers and poets
from all over New Mexico and the city of Albuquerque.

Explain yourself.
Simply noting that you sound silly attempting to "shame" the city, as though a couple hours of diverted traffic is some grave injustice.
How might one plan better in the future? I'm confused. There didn't appear to be any info delivered to the residents prior to the road closures.

I'm sure the map of the event was available somewhere...

Standard procedure for ABQ... lack of info for affected parties.


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