I've been going into Snip barbershop near Osuna and I-25 for a couple of years now, and I got used to the person cutting my hair. Two weeks ago I went in and they told me she was gone. Now I'm pretty particular about who I let cut my hair, and when I ask where she was they told me "she's gone and doesn't work here anymore."

My first reaction,was ,well now who's going to cut my hair?

I went ahead and signed in and one of the other barbers cut my hair. It was ok, but it wasn't even close to the same. Not short enough, even when I specified what guard I wanted on the clippers, they played it safe.

I tried asking around but nobody seems to know where she went. I felt like I should have been closer to her, maybe gave her my card over the years and asked her to keep in touch in case she left etc. I didn't.

Look, she was the girl who cut my hair about twice a month. I tipped well, we had great cnversation, she always talked about her family and the trips they were taking, I talked about where my wife and
I were headed this summer etc.

I went back today and got another cut. Got the new guy replacing Vee.

Lots of tatoos, asked the right questions, but the results were mediocre at best.

I'm not planning on going back to the place for another dissappointment,

anyone got any advice? should I try harder and look for the girl who isn't there, or is there a listing somewhere for barbers??

Or is it time for me to venture out of my comfort zone and find a new barber??


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What kind of place are you looking for?  Years ago I did a story for Duke City Fix on barbershops here in town, but I focused a lot on the old timers.  Great place in Barelas on Fourth Street if you are looking for old school. 

looking for a barberstylist in northeast heights near Paseo & I-25. Someplace that I can ask for the same barber everytime I walk in. I don't mind waiting for others that are there beforehand. Someplace that that has a barber that will be able to recognize that not all heads are the same and will be honest and tell the customer whether or not a cut will look good or not, or will be honest and say I'm not good with flat-tops, but this guy/girl is do you mind if I let him/her cut your hair? someplace that I can go in get a decent haircut with my neck trimmed, and a little gel, and with a price that a twenty dollar bill would pay for a $14 dollar haircut, and leave the person a decent enough tip to remember me the next time I come in (which is about every two weeks). I'd love some suggestions.

I recommend the El Dorado Square Barbers in the shopping center at 9800 Montgomery on the south side of Montgomery, west of Eubank and east of Pitt.  It faces east, and is just across the mall parking lot from Pelican's Restaurant.  Good parking, three older barbers, moderate prices, free coffee and cookies.  These guys are real, old-style gentlemen and very thoughtful.


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