So, Comcast is sending some not-so-subtle hints lately....

So, I’m getting the not-so-subtle hint from Comcast that it’s time to pay more, or get far less. (“If you can see this message, then you won’t…”). Okay, so there are options out there, but the fine print doesn’t cover all the hidden costs involved. I’d like to ask this forum what they actually pay (from actual bills), what they actually receive for their payment, and what their setup is. We currently just have their high speed internet, but the filtering gods have been kind to us, so we receive more than the typical channels – I’ll leave it at that.

Questions: 1) Since we have 2 HDTV’s (maybe a third coming to replace my computer monitor) – how much does it cost to connect multiple TV’s? I’m concerned that every TV gets a rental fee. 2) Are these channels hi-def, or just digital wrapped analog signals? 3) What does satellite give you, and would it be worth switching? 4) Comcast offers a triple play (TV, internet & phone for $99) – any experience with their phone service? (Changing phone service would basically pay for the change, but it would be a monopoly communications service at that point – ouch!) 5) What about Roku and Netflix (or even GoogleTV) experiences? Actually interfacing TV’s with Hulu (not just using the computer)?

As a side note, the cheapy service from Comcast eliminates TCM (I know that TCM charges a fee to the cable service, so it makes sense (sorta)), but they also eliminate MSNBC, but keep CNN and (of course) FoxNews – this is interesting (politically) to me. Also, for all of those who’ll say to just receive local signals – yes, we have an outdoor antenna and the TV’s are set up for that – so I know the costs and benefits – you would be preaching to the choir – but I do like watching college sports, MSNBC (sometimes), my wife likes those Housewives shows, and we both enjoy Breaking Bad and Mad Men, and these services are not available locally. No lectures, please.

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Did you have to replace your cable modem with theirs?
get Netflixs (with Google TV, Apple TV, and many other options just coming out on the market), ditch the cable, and go hiking more often.

but that's just my two cents.

I'm in the same boat as Shotsie. We're currently using Comcast internet (including video relay service for the deaf) and cable television.

Bottom line: I want my NCAA football! This is the only thing keeping me tied to Comcast, otherwise I'd be online for everything. (And no, I am not watching Lobo football).

The other downside for me is most online offerings have inconsistent captions. But that should be changing soon. Finally.
yeah, Internet is a must. when i say cut the cable, i mean the cable TV.

for the NCAA football, maybe find a friend who also really likes NCAA football and has the channels. then, you could not only save a bunch of money but also have a fun social experience when you watch your games.

idk i just can't imagine paying hundreds of dollars a year (or sometimes even a month) just for a couple of channels... is your friend. You can find most sporting events streaming online here.
Yeah, sometimes it sucks to be deaf - access costs more. That is why I'm so psyched about the 21st Century Communications and Video accessibility bill!

I think my willingness to pay the $70/month for internet ($48) and cable ($22) is twofold - I work from home and cannot get by without the internet, and until the internet catches up by transmitting captions on all televised content THAT ALREADY HAS CAPTIONS, I'm stuck. $22/month seems pretty reasonable to me, but I can see how some might not agree.
we're in the same position.
i'm thinking of ditching our qwest landline/dsl and using comcast for internet only ($43/mo) and getting an apple tv. between that and hulu, etc. i think we'd have most things covered.

my understanding is that you can use any comcast approved cable modem (they have a list on their site).

Comcast forces you to buy their local access package ($15) because they can't separate their internet signal from the television signals buried there. Well, at least you don't need an outdoor antenna....

How do you connect Hulu to your television?
Chances are your TV has some input options that will allow you to connect directly to your computer. If not, there are all sorts of conversion options out there. Here's one from our local people at Hallmark:
Converter VGA to S-Video/Composite PC/TV

Use TV as PC monitor to view presentations, games, pictures and movies; Connects a VGA port to TV; Windows and Mac compatible
12 MB cable modem, and the most basic of basic services: local channels, Gov TV, and WGN for some reason, though we never watch tv...get most of what we watch via net or Netflix.

Generally pretty good.
I am ditching cable this weekend after years of paying too much to Comcast. I am keeping internet service but going with DirectTV for TV.

Based on DirectTV's current offer, I save $900 over three years by switching. The savings mostly come in the first year or two, with DirectTV getting closer to cable after the discounts expire (but still cheaper ... and this assumes no cable price increase, which ain't gonna happen).

New Comcast policy allows free device for up to two TVs so you can get cable on those (unfortunately, standard definition even if it's a HD TV). You have to pay for anything beyond the first two add-on TVs.

I spent extra $ on DirectTV devices that will allow me to see HD on the extra HD TVs, but this cut my savings for the three years, down to $600. Still not bad -- and many more HD channels. That's my .02. We'll see how it works out!
For those who are considering switching to satellite, know how your cable is fed into your home before you buy. I just had the tech from DirectTV, who was here for an install, tell me that he would have to run a cable from my roof down the outside of my building 4 stories into the cable junction in the garage ... and also that because I want to keep Comcast high speed (which would take one of the lines that runs from there to the living room), he'd have to run another line from the garage to the outside and up the building to one of the bedrooms. Going to cancel. Drats!


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