I was out and about today in the Duke City and saw a Doughnut shop. Given my predisposition for loving food I immediately made a hard right into the parking lot. Inside were several different kinds of cake doughnuts and some raised as well . Of course the now requisite bacon maple was present. Also present was what 40 years ago would have been a cream puff (in current times it is stuffed with any number of greasy disgusting chemicals). This one had a rather gross yellow hue to it. When I inquired I was told it is Bakers cream, WTF is Bakers cream. I believe but could be mistaken that it used to be whipped cream with stabilizer. Not any more. I opted for a cake doughnut and exited. As I was sitting on my motorcycle eating I noticed a Bavarian Cream bucket sitting next to the building. The ingredients to follow.

Water, High fructose corn syrup, sugar, food starch-modified, palm oil, salt, titanium dioxide, agar, sorbic acid and sodium benzoate, dextrose propylene glycol, glycerin, citric acid, corn starch, dextrose, polysorbate 80 (the other 79 must have been busy), carmel color, yellow 6, yellow 5.

Also present was the statement “contains no major food allergens”. Given there is no actual food involved it is not surprising. Also present was the important information “0 grams trans fat” as if perhaps this in and of itself might make the chemical goo safe for you to consume.

Having eaten my desert I felt it necessary to get lunch proper. I stopped at a place I heard would not make me sick. When ordering my lunch I was given the option of a tortilla or sopaipilla, sopapilla, sopaipa (choose the spelling you prefer). I asked if the a fore mentioned deep fried dough would be served with honey, or Sysco's colored high fructose corn syrup. I was told the latter. I opted for the tortilla.

In the kitchen you could hear the busy artisan chef hard at work (read microwave). My TV dinner, strike that. My lunch arrived in all its greasy glory. Pre grated cheese chemical dusted to keep it from clumping together on its way from the soylent green factory to my plate. Pre shredded lettuce from the same factory. All at prices that once included actual food.

Is it so effing hard to actually make what you are selling. There is certainly the the impression given that the product is more than just assembled on site. Have some self respect. Try making what you sell instead of just telling everyone you made it. Every damn doughnut shop in town uses the same chemical goo from sysco or shamrock in their doughnuts. Try actually making it, your business might pick up.

Restaurants throw away the effing microwave, make your food completely from scratch like you are implying. Labor costs in NM are some of the cheapest in the country. You can get food prep done for next to nothing. Hell the money you save buying everything from sysco can pay for it.

Try this “if we don’t make it we don’t sell it”




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You could make your own food from scratch.

This is the reason my wife and I don't eat out much. The stuff they server out there will kill you.

I enjoyed this essay because you know you are eating poison but it doesn't sound that like that is deterrent enough to stop you from doing it.  We all fall victim to the need for convenience.  When I am on a "health kick" and decide to "eat clean" and avoid obviously artificial ingredients and corporate processed foods I find that there just aren't that many places to pick up a meal. This is why at those times Flying Star and other places that purport to use only what I'll call "as natural possible ingredients" seem worth the extra couple of bucks, if I choose wisely from the menu.  My very unscientific impression is that people eat a disproportionate amount of fake food compared to their intake of whole and real foods (and this unscientific impression is based on absolutely nothing but what I see the people around me eat).

With out a doubt this was a major rant on my part. apology to all. It was my mental explosion on the state of what we as Americans view as acceptable. I do a lot of cooking for my self, but do enjoy the experience of trying different places. I frankly find the flying wallet to be IMHO nothing more than smoke, mirrors, and high prices. I do enjoy Farinas. YMMV

Don't ruin it by apologizing, I think it is a wonderful rant.

If it is not illegal, immoral or bad for you; I don't enjoy it.

The late, great folksinger Malvina Reynolds predicted this in her song, THE NEW RESTAURANT.


WOW. I could have skipped the whole rant and just linked to that video. Thanks for bringing that to the discussion. So true today. I liked when she referred to it as plastic.


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