Sunshine Cafe on 12th and Mountain is closing on Dec. 20th. In it's place soon will be Cafe Azul, New Mexican food.

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Amen brother
Er, been to the St James Tea Room?
looks yummy......too bad there moving too far from my hood.
Brendan - I wonder if Lonnie Anderson and I make the same distinction between tea room (English full service tea) and teahouse, something like Samovar in San Francisco.

I, too, have been longing to see a proper teahouse in Albuquerque...
Spot on! Not a tearoom, although I do fancy a good scone with my high tea! But rather a tea house, where we could enjoy tea, learn more about tea, have good conversation regarding tea, relax into our tea etc. Not so formal, maybe not so expensive and still as great an experience as high tea. One day..... One day...
Ahhh, thanks for the clarification. We had something like that until a couple years ago- it was called Summerhouse (?) on Harvard. The owner had an incredible supply of imported teas and seemed to be running the business as a hobby, for the love of tea. I'm not sure why it closed, but miss it immensely.
Brendan I remember shortly after I joined DCF, I think it was you who posted a very nice blog about tea and making tea. Guess we have moved a little far from the original Sunshine Cafe post. How long can one talk about a bad restaurant, before tea, and tea rooms takes us into a new direction. Should have made it a new discussion with BB's informative links(bb, your good at links, I still dont know how to do it).
Full disclosure... I posted under my husband, Lonnie Anderson's account . I told him I would make that public. I still stand by I said and what I daydream about! A tea house in ABQ would be great. The beautiful one in Boulder was a perk to living in the Denver area. And Lonnie would agree.
Have you guys ever been to that Russian Tea House in Boulder. I think there were 2. This was the one they brought from some village in Russia and put it back together afterwards. It was amazing. Dont know if it is still there
Are you talking about Dushanbe? I've heard great things about it.
Yes,thats it! Tajikistan ! Thanks BB for clarifying that for me. Isn't it beautiful. Worth the trip up for sure. I'm glad to see it's still there. Totally different from the english scone type tea house. A little sexier
In this month's 'Sunset' magazine, Sunshine Cafe was mentioned by an Albuquerque visitor as a place to go.


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