Sunshine Cafe on 12th and Mountain is closing on Dec. 20th. In it's place soon will be Cafe Azul, New Mexican food.

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I don't understand the implication. To go to or to be gone with?
I adored this quaint cafe in the secluded location. Definitely did not match its local surroundings and it's priceyness didn't help. The bruschetta serving was the best and so was their roast beef with au jus dipping sauce. I loved going there whenever I felt like spoiling myself and friends. It was one enjoyable spot in town where eating outside wasn't deafening.

I hate eating at a restaurant where I could have made the food myself. The last time I ate at Sunshine, I had a pasta dish. Pathetic. Really. For 11 or 12 dollars. I remember once I went there and got a Cubano sandwich that was definitely passable. There were tasty pickles that were homemade, and home smoked meats, but as the life of the restaurant went on, it became more and more marginal in quality and interest, and less and less friendly. I am sure there is something relentlessly hip about getting PBR on tap (whatever that is, oh thriftstore/hornrimmed one, please tell me), but whatever that may be, I am not willing to pay more than a buck for the swill. And at Sunshine, they were willing to separate me from my hard-earned $3 for a pint. And for that, I am forever resentful.
So how do you all feel about the "bang for your buck" you get paying ten bucks for a "Buddha Bowl" at Flying Star? Fewer ingredients than in a Teriyaki Chicken Bowl and sauce that tastes like it came out of a bottle. And they don't carry local wines; I don't know about local beer. Meanwhile, the lines go around the block. I don't get it.
Inertia. Double Rainbow was great.
I dont get it either, except as I mentioned in the Dont Eat There section, they have a captive audience downtown, especially in the evening. But that does not explain their absolutely amazing takeover of the entire city and the outskirts. You know I find that most of the people that I know that eat there, they dont like it either. Its strange. But talk about a successful business strategy.......mind blowing.
I know they sometimes get my business, because they are reliably open fairly late have coffee and wifi. and the option of mildly expensive foods (but if i wanted extra cheap crap i would go to taco bell) .

If there are other evening/late open places that offer these things speak up.
Okay, since some people have opened that door, being sacrilegious by dissing the Frontier and their tortillas, I'll take it a step further with my claim that Golden Pride's breakfast burritos are overrated. I don't usually complain about not enough salt, but their burritos are full of greasy hashbrowns and taste bland and saltless. Yeah, I could add it, but I shouldn't have to while I'm driving. If I stop there, I generally order the #1 "light on the potatoes and with extra green chile." The only thing that makes their burritos passable is the fresh roasted green chile. One time I ordered just a bowl of scrambled eggs with green chile at Golden Pride and I swear the eggs aren't real. I don't know if they have egg powder filler or what, but they didn't have the texture or taste of real eggs. Check it out sometime and tell me what you think.
Since Frontier and Golden Pride are the same company, why would you expect a different result?
Maybe the new place will have breakfast? Oh I just saw you said contemporary style........thats a hard one. I absolutely hate the Flying Star, and I am even more angry at them because I live downtown, 3 blks away and when I want to ride my bike on a summer eve and get coffee and sweets I go there, like a fool, cause they have a captive audience down here in the evening, nothing down here in my hood. The only thing good I can say is I like the layout of the one near me, cause there is such a variety of seating. Outside overlooking street if weather is nice, inside on the big couches if you want to crochet/knit, kick back and relax. Also you can sit in their for hours reading magazines while sipping and munching on their horrible desserts.
I do the same thing when I go to Flying Star to hang out and read magazines or crochet! Take a tea bag and buy a couple of biscotti. I do love their iced house Mango Tea.
They have decent pumpkin pie, but man, someone needs to teach those poor folk how to make pie's hideous.


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