Sunshine Cafe on 12th and Mountain is closing on Dec. 20th. In it's place soon will be Cafe Azul, New Mexican food.

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Thanks for the info, JMG. It's sad Sunshine is closing, but NM food may be a better fit for that location...
[sarcasm]Yeah, you can never find NM food around here[/sarcasm]

BTW, there is an empty corner shop in the new little strip mall on 4th St. just south of Griegos. They are advertising for a restaurant to go in there. I'm dreaming that a good little Vietnamese pho cafe will go in there (or anything but a Quiznos or another Mexican joint, of which we have tons of good ones in the vicinity already).
sarcasm immensely appreciated, but there's plenty of room for experimentation and innovation within what we call NM food. I'm hoping that the new place will feature a different twist on NM're right that there's no shortage of NM food in the vicinity, but if they take a higher-brow approach to it - as the location and presumably the rent would seem to dictate - they could be a nice counterpoint to the diner-style (Garcia's, Duran's, La Familiar) or touristy (anything near Old Town Plaza) NM joints in the vicinity.

I agree with several on this thread that I never found the fare at Sunshine that tasty for the price. They had pretty good coffee, though...
I am not sorry to see it go. It was way, way, way overpriced and not that great. I liked their pickles, but for the money? I get better stuff at the other over priced place that will not be named but used to be called Double Rainbow. Feh.
I wondered about that when I drove by and saw the building was for sale. I am with Iaquera. I wasn't a massive fan of the Sunshine Cafe. It was expensive and the service was also kind of crappy. But I guess the neighborhood people will miss it. Speaking of places in that neighborhood, has anyone tried the espresso place in the old gas station just up the road from the Sunshine? I always want to stop in, but am never there during open hours...
i think that place has been closed for a while now.
The Espresso Cafe place was also very expensive, but has indeed been closed for a while. I think they have just recently sold the cafe/building. Hope the new owners will come up with something clever to work at that corner.
Hate to see a local business close. For the price, one would have hoped for a bit more value as laquera/OBTS pointed out. Still, a tough time of year to watch something go out of business. Good luck Sunshine people.

And good luck JMG on a Viet place going in there- one can have dreams. BTW, right now as far as Viet goes, I think Cafe Trong by Talin Market is a-number one.
Yes, I like the Ban Mi at Cafe Trong. I have several favorites in that part of town. They need to branch out to the north valley, though!
Bad service, bad food, bad prices. Looking forward to the replacement
I am very sad to see them go. And, adding insult to injury...leaving to be replaced by yet another New Mexican food place. C'mon people, learn to like food outside the box...geez! The Sunshine cafe was a wonderfullt quaint place that supported our local businesses and alway had fresh food and an invovative menu. Shame on us 'burque for not being able to help it suceed!
I don't think Sunshine failing had anything to do with the neighborhood or burque at large not supporting it. It is hard to support a business that is mediocre. Local does not need to be mediocre nor does being local excuse it. I tried too many time to count to get consistent, good food there. Sunshine failed 9 out of 10 times. I stopped going for food and would stop only for coffee/tea but in the last few months the negative vibe from the staff became more apparent. Those working there didn't seem to love what they were doing. Which may be the bottom line. I am not sure they ever loved it. Even from day one . For example, David at NM Tea across the street loves what he is doing. And you can tell. His product and business reflect that. (I was having fantasies that he might take that space and we would have a proper tea house in town. aaahhh...) Same can be said for the guys at Gold Crown.
I hope those coming in love what they are doing-no matter the 'type' of food, use that beautiful space well and provide the neighborhood something they can be proud of.


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