So please don't judge, but a decade ago, I was sucked into Beanie Babies madness.  Now I'm stuck with a box full of these things, all in mint condition and all in quart-sized Ziploc baggies in preparation for posterity.  I am moving out-of-state in 3 weeks and am NOT lugging this box 1300 miles so it can sit in a closet again.  I am looking for a charity, local or otherwise, where I could donate them.  Any ideas?  I believe it's thumbs-down for any children's hospital, as they have to be very careful about the types of donations they accept because of germs; stuffed animals can't be sanitized.  Thanks!

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Goodwill? no judgement here! ;) Best of luck with the move
I can't seem to find the number to Interfaith Bible Church(?) located in Trumbull Village Neighborhood.

However I do have this number which is associated with Integrity Labor 505.255.0018. I believe that Jerry runs Integrity Labor and is also a pastor at the church (along with Joanne who may still be President of the Trumbull Neighborhood Association).

Give them a call. They may pick up the items for you.
604-6761 is the number for Joanne- They are looking for Christmas things for kids
if they still have the tags on them (i.e. are in "new" condition), you could donate them to one of the gift trees for needy kids that go up this time of year. there's usually one in each mall. and I seem to recall that there's usually a toy drive conducted by afd or apd this time of year; you could call 311 and see if they have any info about that.
I like that idea hettie!

driving down louisiana today, saw a sign at coronado mall for their giving tree (or gift tree or whatever they're calling it this year).  so they've got one up.  according to the sign, it's next to santa.

Also, I donated a bunch of teddy bears & stuffed animals to APD cuz they give them out to kids at crime scenes so the kids aren't so freaked out & have something to hold onto. They do this all year long. I know they would be glad to have them. I took them to the nearest cop shop but if you need help email me & I'll do it for you.

UPDATE: A week and a half ago, I called 311 and the operator didn't know what I meant when I asked if there were any programs through APD that accepted donations of stuffed animals.  He asked me twice what APD meant!!  Anyway, FINALLY, someone from the COAST unit of APD called me and she and her partner came by today to pick up the box of Beanies.  Thank you for your suggestions!  I'm thrilled that they're going to a good cause and I hope they give the children some comfort and happiness.


My neighborhood association is doing a food & clothing drive on Monday at 6PM at Albuquerque Women EARN - 955 San Pedro SE if you want to drop them off there.

I love this! It is the new reality -- let a kid love those cute toys, cause that's what they are. I've got a few myself.

CRV,  I believe you can donate them to a children's hospital.  When I worked there each child received a welcome package of a stuffed animal and a handmade blanket as well as some toys.  They were all washed in a washing machine.  They don't need to be sterile, just clean.  Call the hospitals first to check, but I believe they may be fine to donate.


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