A friend asked me to name the best "dive-bars" in ABQ and as a fan of dive bars (and diners) I started the list with my favorite, Carraros on Vassar... but then I was a bit stumped as I'm not really out to bars that much... Suggestions? I think he's going to write an article and needs input...

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But then the bars will be ruined... seriously, though, they are a dying breed. I would put my $.02 in for the bar at Cervantes at San Pedro & Gibson. Also, R.I.P. Mori's and Jack's- they were the two best in the last 20 years.
Monte Carlo Steakhouse and liquor store
Aaaahhhh (rubs hands together gleefully):

Oh, wait. Most of the good dives are gone, now. Damn. All I can list now are the scariest dive bars.
When I saw the topic I thought "ooh! carraros!"

Try Misty's Hideaway on Eubank and Doc & Eddie's at Osuna/I25 if they're still around.

I've always been curious about the Tijuana Bar in Corrales, but never made it over there. From the outside it looked like it may be great.
Perea's Tijuana Bar has some very good food. Very cool but tiny bar.

I also like Charlie's Back Door on Menaul/Wyoming. Also very good food.

Is Carraros still around? I used to love their pizzas. That was back in the 90's though...
I love the Capital Bar!
I was gonna say sonny's, but that one's gone too. same for the silver fox on fourth st. by the highway.

we've been talking about making a circuit of all the old school lounge-y bars in town, like paul's monterrey inn, cervantes, and the monte carlo. I'd bet there's a fair bit of overlap between dive and lounge.
I guess I conjure up a different image of dive bar. I spent many an hour at Carraros as a grad student (we even had classes meet there), but it still screams college hangout bar, not dive bar to me. YMMV.

El Madrid on First just south of downtown gets closer to my definition of dive bar. I haven't been to Mike's Place on Isleta in the South Valley, but it might be one to check out. And RIP Silver Fox.
I second El Madrid. Totally.
I live right by El Madrid and have been watching what's up there a little... When I was super-curious about their activity, it turned out to be movie filming... Carrarros has the legendary "grout" writing in the guy's bathroom which I hear about, "Grout expectations" etc... Grand discussion...
Thanks all... the one I miss is Jack's, you're giving me some ideas... (which I'll pass on to my friend too)...
Carrarros or Joes? Former is the front bar/resteurant-latter is the dive bar in back. Joes is so gross, but the air hockey is fun, pool is entertaining, and the juke box has'nt changed much in 20 years-still all the classics.
I've always seen a pretty good variety of folks there.
But the Capital bar in Socorro is the best around even though it's not in ABQ.
Along those lines, what about Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid or Los Ojos in Jemez, and the one by Pecos that superb butthead Val Kilmer commented on, was seen in I guess. It's a dive, I've been there a looong time ago...I don't remeber what it's called though.
Who goes to El Madrid?


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