It feels like the belt(s) are slipping as there's been slow acceleration when I hit my gas pedal...  The RPMs crank up, but not my speed (at least not quickly).  My dummy light has been coming on "check transmission"  UGH!  Any suggestions for an honest auto repair shop who can diagnose/ repair?

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Did you ever find anyone to diagnose or repair your transmission?

I got estimates at AAMCO and Budget Transmission Masters ...  Both around $2300 - $2400 for a transmission rebuild :( ... So far I've just been driving it with the gears not shifting well; might try a third estimate.  A private mechanic said I could get a used transmission for around $1000 and installed for a total closer to $1500; but the warranty would only be 1 year instead of 3 with that option.

Call Sal at Noble auto repair.  I don't know if he does transmissions but I've had him do a lot of work on my Acura RL and it has all been top notch, fair price and he is honest.  He inspected several cars (for free) before we bought one for my wife .  Guided us away from nice looking cars that were bad otherwise.


IF Sal doesn't work on transmissions ask for a referal, he's been in ABQ for a long time and most likely can point you in the right direction.  Fuuny thing, my tranny is starting to slip and I was going to call Sal in the next week or two mysel for fthis same reason.

I was recommended to a transmission shop a few years ago by our local mechanic (Bobby Joe's Automotive) called United Transmissions. They look like they do a ton of fleet work. They quoted me a range from about $2-3K and came in near the low end after it was all said and done, with a 1 year warranty. I drove the truck another 50K miles without incident (until someone rear-ended me a couple of months ago and totaled the truck).

I'd use them again.

Seems that you just can't get away from the $2K range when it comes to transmissions! 


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