We had a quiet night last night - about 25 kids showed up. How about you?

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150ish. Some came into the hood on 18-wheeler flatbed trucks without sideboards. It's no wonder they didn't carry out the trash, which I collected on the property, including a high end (no pun intended) soiled diaper.
Ugh. That's a messy trick.
We always get a good showing here in South Broadway. Every year we seem to get more and more groups of multi-generational Spanish speakers piling out of vans in addition to the "locals". As with those carrying around little ones (who are usually too cute for words), I'm assuming it's more about socializing and getting into the culture/traditions of the area than anything else. (White girl that I am, I will be checking in on the ofrenda at the National Hispanic Center tonight.) Has made me wonder if I should change the sign out front to Suene el timbre. Does tickle me to hear adults prompt their kids in Spanish to say "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you" at the proper times.
we had one 28 year old, many teenagers who went "as themselves" and teenage girls who were in "costume" but must have been very cold...
one teen made an effort and had on a very cool Charlie Chaplin costume :)
(I stopped trick or treating when I was 13)
This was the first year we didn't hand out candy (we live nearTramway and Lomas). Many years ago, we used to have hundreds of trick-or-treaters, lots brought in by vans, all ages of beggers. But over the last few years it dwindled and dwindled; we had maybe 5 kids last year and 7 the year before. So instead we went to a friend's party.

We got home at about 8:30 to see the tail end of a few kids going down our street, so I got out our candy and turned on the light until 9:15. No-one came. I noticed driving down our streets less than half the houses had lights on.
Only 15 up here in Martineztown, and that includes two high school students dressed as, well, high school students. I heard from people at work that there were some action packed neighborhoods on the upper Westside. My kids went up by Summit Park (east of UNM) and Ridgecrest and there was more going on there as well.
This is my first Halloween in my new house--well, new to me--in Snowheights just south of Northeastern and Menaul. I'm a single man of 68, and I had exactly 20 trick or treaters. All of them were an appropriate age, and, although I don't know my neighbors yet, nothing about them led to any suspicion on my part that they were not from the neighborhood. I usually like to give out Payday bars, with a few Almond Snickers on hand for anyone who might have a peanut allergy, but I didn't shop til late this year, and couldn't find those. So I got four boxes, each with 18 bags of trail mix (with little M & M knockoffs in them, too) from Costco and gave out one full box and two from a second. So, I have a lot left over. I kept the light on until 9:30.


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