Hi ABQ folks,

My wife and I will be moving to Albuquerque later this summer.
The exact timing is yet to be determined, but likely mid to late
July.  We'll be renting, and looking for a 2BR within 2 miles or
so of UNM, so we're interested in Nob Hill and Presbyterian
Hospital areas.

My question is: is there a concentrated time period when a lot of
rental houses become available in those neighborhoods?  In one
smaller college town we lived in previously, virtually every
lease in town turned over Aug 1, and if you wanted a lease that
didn't start then you were picking among crumbs.  If there's a
similar "season" around UNM, or a rush to try to avoid, it would
be great to know that!

Is there a benefit to pounding the pavement in person (as opposed
to online forums)?  I saw that suggested in one previous thread,
but the poster was interested more in student-oriented housing.
Regardless, we're open to living in a temporary space for a few
weeks if it helps us find a great place.

Thanks for any advice,

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I don't think there is a "season."  But, then again, I've only looked for housing during the summer months.  Also, I've found my past two places via craigslist; I don't think being here is absolutely necessary, so long as you're cool signing a lease blind.  Best of luck!

Keep in mind:


1.  http://leadandcoal.com  if you're renting blind, you may want to consider how close you'll be to construction (you may be able to negotiate a good deal--  lots of available rentals around the construction zone)  They're finishing up Coal probably by early August, then starting on Lead


2. I see a lot more rental signs than I've seen postings on Craigslist, so there is some benefit to being here in person.

if you can afford to make a scouting trip or to rent a month-to-month when you first arrive, you might be better off. in my experience, some of the older houses in the university heights and silver hill neighborhoods should really be seen before you decide to rent. (nob hill tends to have somewhat "nicer" rentals, but the rents are correspondingly higher.) there isn't quite a season but there are lots of rental places to be found by simply cruising around the neighborhoods you're interested in and looking for signs out front. also, don't forget to check out the neighborhoods north of lomas near the law school and golf course. if you can swing the rent, there are some nice places.


for month-to-month I think someone on a previous rental thread recommended the girard apartments, which are quite close to unm, north of campus. this is the only link I could find. good luck!

Nob Hill rental houses might be more likely to be small in size for the price.  This town is checkerboard; "good" neighborhoods next to shifty neighborhoods next to cool, funky neighborhoods next to bad neighborhoods, etc.  I agree with the idea to get a month-to-month until you find something to lease.

For what it's worth... I'm renting in Nob Hill.  My landlord, who rents usually to college students offers a 6 mon. lease and requires that the lease run from June to January or January to June only.  He says that's when the college students are looking to rent.  The house I"m in has it's quirks, but its 4 bdrm, 2 bath and adequate for our needs.

I don't think there is a strong "rental season" like other college towns, but most student orientated rentals start August 1.
If your search radius is 2 miles, no there is no rental season.  If it's 3 blocks, there sure is and it's open season right now through mid August.  It's not a hard and fast rule, but houses that are for rent and court the University crowd setup their lease periods to coincide with the semester schedule.


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