Looking for recipe ideas for red chile enchiladas without cheese.  thanks. Jill

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I know they are vegans but an egg or two may not be as harmful for the person that needs meat reduction in their diet---we do not need to be so fixed in our ways when we just think of ways to help each other do we? Like it or not a good many people can be healthier without meat. To each their own as it is their body to put at risk and only they can track their own blood analysis to see what helps them with their levels. This is dietary, this is not religion for most people, you will not be condemned to hell for a few molecules of violation if you are doing it for health. You have to decide for yourself what can help you. An egg is not a chicken YET! It would have to be fertilized and incubated to become one with the addition of time. If you read more carefully I acknowledged it wasn't vegan so the reader could beware. I will still try to help with a suggestion even if it is unpure to your thought process.

I agree. Especially when we, mostly "plant based" eaters are at people's house I don't want to be inconsiderate if they have cooked a good meal with meat or cheese. It is purely for health reasons and here and there it's not going to "kill" me to venture off into the meat/cheese world. It's actually a treat that way. 

That sounds like me. Same reasons for choosing plant based. I haven't had my cholesterol retested yet, it's been 3 months, but I will at my annual check up.

Check out the movie Forks over Knives. I watch it to keep myself on track because I too, couldn't  walk by the kitchen without a bean and cheese "chiquito" burrito for a snack. lol.

I don't call myself a "vegan" either, just a plant based eater...for the most part. 

It's great to know others out there are in the same eating pattern and we're not zealots about it all. 

Well, and the deal is, if I'm just looking for a recipe idea, it shouldn't instigate a debate about the pros and cons of vegetarianism.   It shouldn't really matter even what my reasons are for avoiding cheese and meat.  To reiterate, I'm not looking for recipes that call for *some* meat/cheese/eggs or for reasons why it's okay for me to eat meat and dairy.  I'm just looking for interesting recipe ideas, folks; not a philosophical, scientific, or nutritional debate.

BTW, I tried soy cheese from Trader Joe's and I thought it was inedible.  Like American processed cheese, but worse.  I made some enchiladas using fresh corn tortillas, refried black beans, calabacitas and corn, and red chile sauce.  It wasn't bad. 



So Leonard, if reading about this gives you a rebound - starving for short ribs - effect, or vegetarians piss you off for other reasons, probably best to just skip this thread! ;)

Vegetarians don't bug me JMG, unless they're the holier than thou variety but then I don't like members of that clan who are steak eaters. I guess I'm just a rebounder, as you put it. You start talking about not drinkin, I want a drink, etc., you go on about not eating meat I want meat. Just a typical 'manito. But it's all good, bought a new cast iron skillet and cooked me up a nice ribeye. Be sweet, holster your piece.

Don't forget the fresh ground pepper.

Okay, so not vegan, but cholesterol-free:

The winning version of red chile enchiladas without cheese

Layer in glass pan:
Red chile sauce (between each layer)
Fresh corn tortillas from El Mezquite
zucchini and onions, diced and sauted together
egg whites, scrambled and cooked separately (from happy, free range hens who have names, of course)
Lots of red chile
Bake in 350F onion for 20 minutes until bubbling.


Sounds good!

Gonna try it, but I will substitute the eggs with Smart Ground with Mexican spices. 

Sounds good! I'd eat that. We've been thinking about going "vegetarian" for a few days a week in a nod towards better health. Gonna take this recipe out for a spin...

With a little corn (maíz that is) and a bit o' chile verde in the filling ya might have a calabacitas enchilada. Ya think?

Y'all done got me thinkin'. One of my favorite dishes growing up was chile verde (guisa'o), frijoles (de la olla) y papas fritas con tortillas (de harina) and a cup o' coffee (MJB). Loved it then and still do...This might be irrelevant but it is vegetarian, ¿qué no?


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