Looking for recipe ideas for red chile enchiladas without cheese.  thanks. Jill

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I recommend taking chunky pieces of avocado with salt and onion stirred in, and putting them with rice and sauteed bell pepper onion garlic. Fry your corn tortillas just a bit. Have your good red sauce ready. Maybe some juicy well-spiced (oregano garlic cumin) pintos tossed in. I think this should be creamy enough.

That sounds good.. I'll try it.  You can bake the enchiladas with the avocados in them? I get fresh corn tortillas at El Mezquite, so don't usually fry them.  Thanks!

I find that enchiladas do not need very much baking time, so if you tuck those avos down in, and don't bake past 25 minutes (try even shorter) they should retain their texture.

Just got some great avos, wonder if this is their season??

BTW, brown rice and some slightly marinated avos and onions (try umeboshi vinegar) is such a great combo.

Make some calbasitas, sans cheese, but maybe with tofu, roll em up, spray a little olive oil spray so they don't get soggy, cook until dried moisture comes out, then put the sauce and cook up a little more. 

Also, black beans, with mixture of anything is always good. I would put the avocado fresh at the end after out of the oven, but that's just me. 

Are you opposed to using soy based cheese alternatives. In my book, the cheese (or cheese-like quality) of enchiladas is the crux of the biscuit, if you will. I've seen plenty of vegan pizzas, so I figure there has to be some acceptable non-dairy cheese like product out there that could do the trick.

Wade, no I haven't tried any soy cheeses.  It's more a psychological thing about meat and dairy "substitutes."  I wonder how they could be any good.  Though I do love soy milk.  That being said, are there "real" cheese lovers out there who have successfully made the switch to soy cheese?


I'm going to try making red chile enchiladas with onions, black beans and calabacitas in the meantime and will let you know how they turn out.

That sounds really good. For healthful reasons, I started eating plant based foods.I have tried soy cheeses and they are horrible to my taste. I just load the veggies as on my pizza's with extra sauce. Happy Herbivore has a great book on vegan meals. 

I am not sure if you have found a product of ground soy? I find it at Sunflower, and it's ground up-like with seasonings. There is one that has Mexican seasonings, and it's fat free! I use if for my tacos. I mix that in with my vegetarian beans (mashed) on corn tortillas, with the veggie fixings and I really get my taco fix! 

There is a recipe in a book I have using a vegan "cheese". 

Is that agreeable? If it is I will try to type it up for you. It's a bit long.

It is from a vegan cookbook called Peace in Every Bite by Two Moons, N.D who lives near Reserve, NM

The book can be had at La Montanita Co-op or directly from the author: moonstwo(at)gmail.com

It is a really good book. I have been fortunate to taste quite a few of the recipes.

I have seen the enchiladas and tamales made with red chile paste only but prefer perhaps a non-vegan compromise of scrambled eggs substituted for the meat as another way to make this with great results. These recipes were the result of not always having meat to use to make a meal. It started by simply making red chile with scrambled eggs substituting for the meat. At first we thought this was a poor substitute, but after several meals some of us children began to request this from time to time. This began to find its way into other things as well .....tamales and enchiladas, of coarse with onions and cheese as may be desired.

They're vegans Victor. You're telling them to eat chicken fetuses...Whenever I go to AA I get so damned thirsty all I can think of is a beer, that's why I don't go to AA. Similarly this discussion makes me want a bigass steak. 

Now, now, I'm no zealot.  What instituted the diet change was a sky high cholesterol test last year.  Until then, I don't think I ever passed through my kitchen without making myself a cheese burrito in the microwave.  So I decided to experiment with excluding all meat, eggs and dairy products from my diet.  Somehow it just stuck.  I'm not classically a vegan, as I eat fish because that's good for improving cholesterol.  Three months after I started this, my LDL cholesterol level dropped 40 points.  I never would have thought it, but I kind of lost my taste for meat, cheese and eggs.  I mean, if I get served a soup that has a meat base broth, I don't make a deal about it.  I don't quiz chefs about ingredients or anything.  Just, whenever it is my power to do so, I stick to vegetables, fruit, whole grains and occasional fish.  And wine, of course.  It's amazing how much more varied my diet has become since I started doing this.

I made enchiladas with fresh corn tortillas from El Mezquite, refried black beans, calabacitas, corn and red chile and they were very tasty. 

There's hope for you. 


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