Going to Vernons for the first time.  Anyone been there before?  What should I expect?

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First of all, take lots of money. The atmosphere is quiet, dark & hushed. You are supposed to feel like you are in an old speakeasy. The food was good, not great. Not to bad mouth them but we should have grilled some good steaks on the barbie & bought ourselves a major appliance.

We went for a company dinner and enjoyed it. Maybe the food tastes better when someone else is picking up the bill! For two appetizers, two entrees (a variety of surf n turf for both of us), wine and dessert, our bill would have ruined two benjamins easy, not including tip.

Best Porterhouse steak I've ever had. The wasabi mashed potatoes are a good compliment. That alone will have me coming back at some point. It should tell you how good the steak was since I had some serious issues with everything else.

Stay away from the non-steak entrees, they just aren't worth the money IMHO.

We had a table of six at 6pm on a friday and the waiter recommended the porterhouse, so 5 of 6 ordered that. Turns out they only had 3 left, so 3 people had to order other things. The lamb and the shrimp and pasta were underwhelming. The filet was OK...

The Cesar salad wasn't very good, just not much flavor and too expensive ($9) for what it was.

I thought the atmosphere was kind of dumb, in a cartoony, haunted house, stick-your-hand-in-jello-and-say-it's-brains kind of way. There's a guy at the front where you come it that gives some sort of speech about 'heaters' and cell phones in a faux Chicago gangster accent.

Also, it was simply too dark. My eyes adjusted after a while, but everyone had trouble reading the menu. One elderly man in our party almost couldn't see his food to eat.

We ordered six different desserts and the waiter came back to tell us they couldn't find two of the desserts they thought they had. There seemed to be some weird kitchen issues.

The service was great. The waiter and the other staff did an excellent job. Our waited knew the menu and the wine list really well and helped us make some good choices.

One last little point about the speakeasy thing: This place is not anything like the vast majority of speakeasies during prohibition. They were raucous places where different levels of society and both sexes mixed and drank and partied. Not hushed, dark tombs with pleasant tinkling piano jazz and expensive food like Vernon's.

Loretta, have you been yet? your thoughts?

Sorry for the delay. My date and I went this past Friday. We had a wonderful time. The food was awesome we shared the lobster tail and ribeye with white truffle infused mash potatoes and veggies. The cocktail I had was a pumpkin creme martini, which was a little slp of heaven on earth.

Knowing to expect the gangster debrief, we enjoyed it. I love dinner theater so it was a fun touch. Following dinner our waiter, Gabriel prepared a table in the lounge where we enoyed a duet follows by a live jazz band. The entertainment was relaxing and exceptional.

The price for the meal, beverages, entertainment and dessert was well priced. We were there for five hours and enjoyed all of this without travelling all over the city, paying parking, etc. I highly recommended vernon's to anyone wanting to spend a night out on the town.


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