Not necessarily looking for trouble, just curious.  What do you all think?


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4th and Central in front of Maloney's


Texas and Central.

Cheers, Mi3ke

This sounds about right.

Close but no cigar. It's Central Avenue from the mouth of Tijeras Canyon to the top of Nine Mile Hill. Looks like a scene from Juarez. Old John S., the Joads and Will R. would roll over in their graves if they could see The Mother Road today. Corner of Central and Texas circa. 1948. Petty's service station[not much more than a  block shack] on the northwest corner, El Hardin Lodge on the southwest corner, a  frozen custard stand on the northeast corner and the southeast corner was east mesa and remained so for many years..Central was two lane with no curbing. When Central was widened to divided four lane, the entrance to El Hardin's cafe entrance was very close to the street.A lot of history went down this road.  

Texas and Central is up there. But what about Kathryn and San Mateo?

That would get my vote too.

There are blocks of boarded-up abandoned buildings along that stretch of S.M. at this point...

Abandoned buildings in and of themselves don't make an intersection seedy, in my book.  Actually, I think of a seedy corner as having a certain vibrancy to it that is only aided by a higher occupancy rate.

Kathryn and Sam Mateo,southwest corner. The exising building was a Phillips 66 service station in 1955. I believe the owner's son was named Paul Pizzoli. The area east to Louisiana was a very nice residential area with many professional people.

 Just south of Central on San Mateo usually crawling around right in front of the Walmart.

I like your choice of words.

Whatever corner the Fair N Square is located - that might be Texas & Central.


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