We're building a visual resource for New Mexico wedding venues (http://nmweddingblog.com/new-mexico-wedding-venues-2), and thought it would be fun to ask, what's your favorite or ideal New Mexico wedding venue? Since this is the Duke City Fix, you can stick to Albuquerque wedding venues if you want.

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Love the story! That seems like it would be a beautiful location, and like you said, high emotional impact. I can just imagine it was absolutely stunning and definitely memorable for all who were there. It even stood out in your mind, not even being a guest, so that's awesome!

We were married at the UNM Alumni Chapeland had our reception at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.  Both venues are lovely and just exude that classic New Mexico charm.  The NHCC has numerous facilitieson its campus for rent, so couples can choose what works best for them..

Hey Benny, I went to wedding at the UNM Chapel a few years back and I was really taken by how beautiful it was inside! I had never been there, and it was quite beautiful. I'll have to add them on the blog. Where at the NHCC did you end up having your reception? It's got some pretty impressive spaces as well.

They do hold weddings there. I've been to two weddings there and you're permitted to marry at a big tent outside and can stay the night, you would just need to ask how much that would cost extra. The setting is nice, i've been to a spring and fall wedding and they were both breathtaking!!!
Thanks! That's good to know, I'll check it out!
I would love to get married in a nice historic part of the city.
Its in the farthest part of the south valley near pajarito. Near there is the historic hubble house. It adds a nice amount of serenity to the location. Its pretty and has the really nice pueblo style housing that makes it a real visual treat.

Ah,the Historic Hubble House! What a great gem and location for a wedding! Do you know if they do in fact allow weddings there? If they do, I bet they are  amazing! I'll have to add them as well.

I think I mentioned this one before, but my wife and I were married at Hacienda Dona Andrea which is outside Cerrillos.  It's a fairly small, isolated resort-type hotel and it was a gorgeous location. We were married outside on their terrace which overlooks the valley; it was very, very simple but it fit us perfectly. 

Lahjik, My husband has performed at Hacienda Dona Andrea for weddings and says it is definitely one of his favorite venues. I've seen some beautiful photos of weddings that have taken place there, so I can definitely see why you fell in love with that location! I love how you put it, "It fit us perfectly". That's so sweet :)

Someone's huge backyard in the north or south valley!

I recently saw pictures of a backyard south valley wedding and it looked great! The valley is gorgeous!


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