This may have been discussed on this site in the past, but what's with calling people who live in Albuquerque "burquenos"? I'm a native New Mexican and Albuquerque is my hometown, and I've spent most of my life there. Growing up I never heard ANYONE say "burqueno". Same goes for "burque," as in, "We sure have some beautiful sunsets here in burque." To me these words are pretentious and silly. They seem to be used quite a bit at Duke City Fix (and the Alibi). Is it considered hip to use these terms?

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Here's an earlier discussion on the topic, although I do believe there have been more...
Yeah, Zane, this was discussed somewhere, but I don't think there was a specific topic. Whatever, my assessment is that it basically boils down to a neighborhood thing--in some neighborhoods "'Burque" and "Burqueno" were used a lot to describe the locals. In others, not so much. I never heard either term growing up in Albuquerque, but there are plenty of Fixers who will tell you they heard it all the time.

There is a definite "hip" factor, though, to the use of 'Burque and Burqueno. In my opinion...
I agree. I have been here for almost thrity years and the first time I ever heard 'Burque' was here on DCF.
and this.
I've had family living here their whole lives and have always known them to refer to ABQ as Burque. I've been here for about 9 years now and have heard it throughout my time here as well. I sincerely doubt it's some "hip" thing used only on DCF and the Alibi's blog.
Thanks for all the replies. My apologies for re-hashing a topic that clearly has already been much discussed in the past; I don't get on DCF often enough to know this is old hat :)

Anyhow, I guess it really does have to do with whichever region of the city a person lives. It's just odd to me that, despite the fact that I've had family in Albuquerque since the 1930s, and have lived most of my 39 years there, I've never heard either word until recent years, and only in certain media. My local friends and family still never use either burque or burqueno.

Oh well, I guess it's just part of what makes Albuquerque unique. Cheers ~
Born and raised in the northeast heights? If so, this is the biggest reason these phrases are unfamiliar to you. I had not heard this "slang" either until reading the Alibi and cruising the Fix and I too, was born and raised here. These terms have roots in the south valley and go way back. Read some of Rudolfo Anaya's books and the origins become clear these are not gringo phrases, although they have been hijacked recently and may come off sounding "pretentious and silly". When I first heard of "burquenos", I thought they were delicious Mexican treats found only here in the "Land of Entrapment"!
Ha, burquenos does kind of sound like something you'd want to slather in butter and honey, now that I think about it. Yes, I have lived quite a bit in the NE Heights, but also near Old Town and the UNM area. I have family in the South Valley and Corrales. I guess it's just one of those odd things.
"these are not gringo phrases, although they have been hijacked recently and may come off sounding 'pretentious and silly'".

Well, to delve even deeper, it depends on how you say, "Burque."

"burkey," like Turkey, or "boor~KAY!" Oh my, that was a terrible pronunciation key...the 'R' is rolled of course, and my emphasis might be in the wrong spot, but perhaps it still gets the point across.

Burqueno, however, is new to me.
For real, for real?! What is the deal? I grew up here as well, and I'm not getting it. I have been living on the e.coast for a few years now, however I think I heard it for the first time a couple years ago when I came home on vacation. I looked at my friend in confusion and asked, "uhm, what does 'burque' mean?" I'm absorbing these changes as I reaquint with the homeland... but you won't be hearing that term from me.
they are silly true but in some parts of the valley they are id to locals, The term is use knoew by a lot of local gangs, and hispanics.
here is another recent use of "buerqueno" - I like it...ambassadors of Albuquerque!

I have lived here for over a decade and have always heard "burque. I moved from Santa Fe and we
even used it there when I was a kid ..."I am going to 'burque this weekend to see the dukes"......etc.


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