Where is a good locally owned breakfast / lunch place in the NE Heights?

I live in what I call the NE Heights.. Montgomery and Juan Tabo area..

I want to find a hole in the wall place that isn't Weck's.

I love ' Just Muffin Around,' but I want to see what else is out there.

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While you're at Sweet Blessings, have a cupcake! They catered our wedding with cupcakes and they were un-freaking-believable!

Mike, I'm with ya, I'm just not a Flying Star fan other than dessert. I understand the prices and what they offer but I rarely find anything there I just HAVE to try.

For breakfast I'm real big on Dos Hermanos or Just Muffin Around. For lunch I have yet to be disappointed with Taco Sal. I'll have to try Los Ninos, sounds interesting and has to be better than Picoso's.

My votes for breakfast in the heights go to Garcias, Charlies Front Door, and Savory Fare.
My favorite dinner in the heights is Mykonos. Hands down.
Can't stand the Flying Star.
Also, its in an odd location now, but Indulgences Cafe has moved to the heights, and they used to have good food - breakfast and otherwise. Currently they're *inside* the Jewish Community Center on Wyoming..
Quit doing Flying Star a a long time ago. We do Pereas for breakfast on Central about 3-4 x mo, depending on how many Saturdays the month has! (usually four). Try them. The food is very good and the customer service is good too, and you don't usually get both at the same place in ABQ. I think the people who own Weck's also own Theobroma chocolates. I would not consider Wecks a hole in the wall by a long shot. Haven't done Wecks in a long time, but we do go occasionally, and we visit Theobroma's pretty often! I don't care if a restaurant is owned by locals....if they employ locals then it's worth a try. If they serve food it's worth a try. I'm not a food snob, nor do I believe that local means "better." Especially when it comes to customer service, because ABQ has some of the worst customer service we've ever seen.
Cast Iron Cafe on Montgomery west of San Mateo has good breakfasts.

There's also Wild West Cafe on Wyoming north of Indian School.
I love Wild West Cafe. Good bbq and they do a version of the Monte Cristo that I enjoy.
Is Cast Iron still open? Last time I went there, about a month or two ago, they had a sign saying they were going out of business, which I thought was odd, as it seemed like they had just opened.
Southwest Gift Baskets/Coffee House SE corner of Montgomery and Juan Tabo
I'm a big fan of breakfast at The Owl, on Eubank just south of Lomas. I eat breakfast there every Sunday morning. Both the red and green are terrific.
I met my gf at The Owl she was a waitress there, so I would definitely recommend their beef burrito plate, but their burgers taste funny.

Been to ATeaCo numerous times, I liked it the first couple of times, but then lost interest.

Southwest Gift Baskets has a delicious Chai Tea, it really is amazing.

Never been to Cast Iron or the Wild West Cafe.
Papa Nachos on Louisiana north of Paseo del Norte is the bomb!!!
It's south of Paseo, but otherwise - it rocks!
How about Perennials on San Mateo (Academyish). It's pretty good for brunch.


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