I've been in Albuquerque for more than two weeks attending to an ill family member.  I've fallen behind on my iTunes television shows due to the very slow Internet connection speeds at two hotels and at least one cafe.  Where can I download several gig of my subscriptions in an hour or two?

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Which hotels and which cafe did you go to? I'll recommend Winning Coffee Co.,
located at 111 Harvard Drive SE (a block west of the Frontier). Right up until about
5:30 or so they have good wifi. And let the staff know (after you have bought a coffee
and pastry and what have you) that you will want to be on for a couple of hours.

I'll also recommend the Flying Star @ 8th and Silver Streets. Very good, free,
one time sign-up signal.

Good luck.
Flying Star is the cafe - the place is excellent, but the WIFI is only about 360 kbs down. The Airport Marriott and Embassy Suites are the hotels and the Embassy is a great hotel with much better amenities - however downloading a 600 meg standard def episode of 24 from iTunes takes 10 hours. The 1.5 Gig HD file can take 30 + hours....

I'll give Winning Coffee a shot. And, I certainly will be making multiple purchases while making use of their WIFI. That's the deal.

Thanks for the tip.
You're welcome.
The one things about Winnings tho is I'm constantly having to connect back on to their Wi-fi as I get kicked off while working there quite a bit. Its great when its connected, but as of late that's been my experience. Its a great spot tho and love kickin it there.

I'd also recommend Java Joe's, but not sure how fast their wi-fi is.
I'm not sure any public space is really going to do the trick. Public wifi is more about basic functionality and less about creating a giant pipe for large downloads. One or two people doing that can bring a coffeeshop to a standstill!

I don't know the connection speeds, but many local libraries have wifi. (And so do the Rapid Ride busses - but we probably don't want to go there!).
I understand that bandwidth is an issue. I travel quite a bit and have routinely sent and received massive video files (video depositions of witnesses who cannot, or will not, travel to the jurisdiction for trial) from hotels. I've had 12 mb/sec (megabit/second) up and down routinely available in hotels in the chains I've stayed at here in ABQ. I have 89 kb/s down and even less bandwidth for uploads here - counting the conference rooms and business center. And, I pay $10.00/day for the connection that I have....

I find this quite unusual in a city with Sandia Labs & Kirtland AFB - two very, very high bandwidth Internet users...

I'm more than willing to pay the going rate for my personal bandwidth needs. I know that in 2001 I had much greater bandwidth at an ABQ Holiday Inn Express - because I was constantly filing pleadings with the U.S. District Courts in Kansas & Missouri. The hotel here has an "advanced user" option - allowing me to make use of VPN connections - but I cannot establish a VPN to either my office or my home(s) networks. I'd happily send the downloads to one of my other systems and then send them to a secure cloud site to stream to me... Alas, I don't have that option here, so far.

Were I here on business rather than the family matter that called me here, I would have to rely upon a local counsel's Internet connection to do what I've done from hotels all across the US.

I suppose I've become accustomed to high-bandwidth connections - even the federal and state courts in KS & MO (and, surprisingly in this day of budget cuts, CA too) have the equivalent of a T-1 for any courtroom. I routinely stream synchronized text+video deposition excerpts from servers in my office to the court during trial. It is a great time and equipment saver where I might have 6-10 terabytes of evidence for a week long trial. I'd have to bring a RAID array to court if I couldn't rely upon real-time high-speed data links.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. I appreciate your input.
Hang out near 3rd and Gold. Look for SSID CityLink-Downtown-ABQ-Public. Its a test system connected to our fiber network. Our intent is to cover all of downtown with an open access WIFI network
Will do. Sounds intriguing and very progressive. Thanks for the information. I'll post my results.
try installing the new 5-jigawatt flux capacitor in your PC, should make a world of difference.....
Steve Jobs makes flux capacitors? When did he hire Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge?

I'm using my old road buddy, a 12" Powerbook G4. When in court I use the Macbook Pros to run both OSX and Windows (still XP). My trial software is Sanction and it is made by Verdict Software and it is a Windows only product. We run a 99% Mac shop - but have found this software so invaluable that every Intel Mac has VMware Fusion and I have the best of both worlds.
Nope. Its the guy on Back to the Future Dude.....
See my longer response on poster's announcement on DCF linked here.


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